Throwing Curve Balls is a Season 4 episode from Kids World's Adventures of The Kidsongs Television Show which was aired on YouTube.

Plot Edit

Kids World's Adventures Team and the Kidsongs Kids learn that baseball is not all home runs as they prepare to greet special guest Brett Butler of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Kids World's Adventures Team and the kids discover practice and determination come before success. Billy Biggle demonstrates how his hard work pays off when he pitches a truly curvaceous curve ball. The music videos underscore the importance of good sportsmanship.

Songs Edit

  • "Footloose" (Let's Play Ball) (crossover)
  • "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" (A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm) (crosssover)
  • "It's Not if You Win or Lose" (Let's Play Ball) (crossover)
  • "You Know that You Can Do It" (Let's Play Ball) (crossover)
  • "The Caissons Go Rolling Along" (A Day at Camp) (crossover)
  • "Over the River" (Let's Play Ball) (crossover)
  • "Centerfield" (Let's Play Ball) (crossover)
  • "Rodeo Rider" (What I Want to Be) (sung by Billy & Ruby Biggle, the hosts, Kids World's Adventures Team and the crew) (crossover)

Gallery Edit

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