The Alvin Twist

The Alvin Twist

Based on the episode "Back to Our Future" from "The Chipmunks Go To The Movies." I made small changes to compared to the actual scene. Here I have Simon on keyboard (originally playing drums), Theodore on drums (originally playing the keyboard), and 60's Simon's bass is smaller. Made this drawing for their song "The Alvin Twist (Remix)" where The 60's (the 50's in the episode) and 90's Chipmunks sing against each other on whether the 50's Chipmunks go back to their time or stay in the 90's thime.


  • The Chipmunks 60'sGo to The Chipmunks 60's
  • 90's AlvinGo to 90's Alvin
  • 90's SimonGo to 90's Simon
  • 90's TheodoreGo to 90's Theodore

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