Stephen was a character that appeared from Seasons 3-6 with some cameos. He was portrayed by Chase Gallatin.

About Stephen Edit

  • Family: Lives with his dad, his step-mom, and his step-brother. Doesn't have any aunts or uncles.
  • Hobbies: Loves to play football
  • Has trouble following instructions.

Appearances Edit

  1. On the Move (cameo)
  2. Classical Cleanup (cameo)
  3. Are We There Yet? (cameo)
  4. First Day of School
  5. Pennies, Nickels, Dimes
  6. Tick Tock Clocks!
  7. Let's Build Together
  8. A Picture of Health
  9. Going on a Bear Hunt
  10. Tree-Mendous Trees
  11. All Mixed Up
  12. E-I-E-I-O
  13. Trading Places
  14. Circle of Friends
  15. Try It, You'll Like It!
  16. Hidden Treasures
  17. Sweet as Honey
  18. Aunt Rachel Is Here!
  19. What's in a Name?
  20. A Package of Friendship
  21. Stick with Imagination!
  22. Grandparents Are Grand
  23. Five Kinds of Fun!
  24. Count Me In!
  25. Birthday Olé 
  26. Excellent Exercise! 
  27. It's Home to Me 
  28. How Does Your Garden Grow? 
  29. You Can Do It!
  30. Barney's Talent Show
  31. Camp WannaRunnaRound 
  32. Barney's Good Day, Good Night
  33. Barney's Halloween Party 
  34. Sing and Dance with Barney 
  35. Walk Around the Block with Barney 
  36. Barney's Night Before Christmas 
  37. Super Singing Circus 
  38. Be My Valentine, Love Barney 
  39. You Can Be Anything
  40. and lots more!

Gallery Edit