Spike (MLP)

Spike (MLP)

Spike is a Dragon in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a purple and green baby dragon. He is Kids World's friend and assistant. His ability to magically deliver scrolls to and from Princess Celestia with his green fire-breath is featured in many episodes, as is his crush on Rarity. Spike will make his first appearance in Kids World's Adventures  of Dumbo and at the end of the film Twilight would like him to join the team.


  • Spike will make occassional guest appearances in Kids World's Adventures Series.
  • Spike is best friends with Bertie and Luke.
  • He also owns a hoverboard in Kids World's Adventures Chronicles.
  • He is very great friends with Soos and Mac.
  • He is the "semi-biological" son of Barney the Dinosaur, mainly because he found his egg and decided to hatch it himself, like Horton did in his first book, Horton Hatches the Egg. This possibly explains Spike's purple skin and green stomach, and other things about him. He's also Tooth's step-son, and he calls Louis his 'uncle'. He'll join his father in a future project.