Shere Khan the tiger

Shere Khan the Tiger

Shere Khan (voiced by George Sanders, the late Tony Jay, and currently by Corey Burton) is an evil Tiger who is the main villain in Kids World's Adventures of The Jungle Book. He was Tigger's rival since they were kids and hates men that goes hunting. In the film, he's been looking for Mowgli the Man-Cub and wants to kill him so he can't grow up to become a hunter with a gun, unaware and ignorent that such thing is not what Mowgli even wants to be, but since Shere Khan is dangerious, reasoning with him and explaining is considered to be a bit out of the question. In the climax, he was about to pounce on Mowgli, but Kids World's cousin Baloo stoped him by holding his tail. As the Vultures distract him, Mowgli tied a fire burning tree branch on his tail and that made Shere Khan run off like a scared Kitten.


  • Shere Khan returned in Kids World's Adventures Series.