Ryan, Winnie the Pooh & The Gang Meets the Warriors of Virtue

Ryan, Winnie the Pooh & The Gang Meets the Warriors of Virtue

Ryan, Winnie the Pooh & The Gang Meets the Warriors of Virtue is a new upcoming movie by 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


Ryan Jeffers (Mario Yedidia) is a middle school student with a disability, implied to be from an injury. As a result, he spends most of his time reading comic books and imagining other worlds where he might have a great adventure. One day, he stops at his favorite Chinese restaurant, Ming's, and visits with the owner (Dennis Dun). He gives Ryan a manuscript of Tao which is a representation of the five elements that make up their mythology, explaining that the book could lead to Ryan's "true enlightenment". Ryan claims he doesn't need any "Self Help" books, but takes the manuscript anyway. Later that day, after an "initiation" by the school's quarterback, Brad (Michael Dubrow), Ryan awakens in what turns out to be the mythical Land of Tao.In the Land of Tao, Ryan's disability is gone, and he has full use of both legs. He's attacked by soldiers, and in the process of escaping, Ryan loses his backpack with the manuscript in it. He encounters the dwarf-like Mudlap (Michael J. Anderson), who takes him to Elysia (Marley Shelton), a beautiful girl who takes him to Master Chung (Chao-Li Chi) who leads the Warriors of Virtue; five anthropomorphic kangaroos who wield the powers of the elements. They are Lai: Warrior of Wood (Virtue of Loyalty), Chi: Warrior of Fire (Virtue of Wisdom), Tsun: Warrior of Earth (Virtue of Integrity), and Yee: Warrior of Metal (Virtue of Righteousness). Yun: Warrior of Water (Virtue of Benevolence) is no longer with the group. They are interested in finding what they refer to as the "Manuscript of Legend".The evil warlord Komodo (Angus MacFadyen) and his army are invading and terrorizing the Land of Tao in his quest for eternal youth by feeding on the special mineral called "zubrium". The Warriors manage to save Ryan from Komodo's minion Barbarocious (Ying Qu). In order to retrieve the lost manuscript from Komodo, the Warriors join forces once again to invade Komodo's fortress. In the course of doing so, they encounter another of Komodo's minions, General Grillo (Tom Towles).The Warriors of Virtue eventually defeat Komodo in battle when they combine their individual powers after Ryan reads from the Manuscript of Legend's inscription "Five is one, Positive Kung. To take a life, you lose a part of yourself." After Komodo's defeat, Ryan returns home, just at the point before he is lured into the dangerous "initiation" by the school quarterback.


  • Littlefoot, Bloom, Kids World's Adventures Team, The Bowser Family, The Koopalings, Ranamon, Jafar, Iago, Maleficent,  Myotismon and the bad guys guest star in this movie.

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