Ranamon (voiced by Peggy O'Neal) is a Ancient Warrior Digimon, who appeared as one of the villians of the Digimon series. She has a relationship with Bowser Jr. and they became boyfriend/girlfriend, her first appearance in the Kids World's Adventures Series was in Ryan Mitchell & The Gang Goes to FernGully: The Last Rainforest, when she joined her boyfriend, along with his mom and dad, when they were teaming up with Hexxus to destroy the heroes and all of FernGully, Bowser Jr. then introduced his girlfriend to Ryan, Pooh, Alex, Ash, Simba, Stan, and the characters, followed by Ranamon and Mistress Nine doing a duet of Bowser Jr. and Ranamon's song, "You and Me" (from "Jetsons: The Movie"), after the heroes defeated Hexxus, Bowser Jr. digivolved her into Calmaramon (to which she ask Ryan, Pooh, Ash, Alex, Stan, Simba, and the rest of characters if she was beautiful, but they denied it and insulted her, causing her to get mad), she was then attacked by Godzilla, but Calmaramon was soon defeated when she tried to use her Titanic Tempest attack, but began spinning out-of-control and was sent flying, along with the Bowser Family. The four returned in Ryan Mitchell & The Gang Meets Inspector Gadget, when they teamed up with Dr. Claw, but they were once again defeated and escaped through a warp hole, leaving Claw to go to jail. She and the Bowser Family have appeared in some of the Kids World's Adventures movies created by 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount and BowserMovies1989 like Pooh's Adventures Series.

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