Practice Makes Perfect is a Season 4 episode from Kids World's Adventures of The Kidsongs Television Show which was aired on YouTube.

Plot Edit

Michael enthusiastically accepts guidance as Brady, Megan and Asa give him a Charleston dance lesson. He knows that with dedication, practice and patience he will master the steps. National yo-yo champion Jason Tracy demonstrates the rewards of hard work, showing off his award-winning tricks.

Songs Edit

  • "It's Time for the Show" (I Can Put on a Show) (crossover)
  • "Charleston" (I Can Dance) (crossover)
  • "The Best Sandcastle" (I Can Do It) (crossover)
  • "Car, Car Song" (Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes) (crossover)
  • "Bicycle Built for 2" (I Can Do It) (crossover)
  • "Practice Makes Perfect" (Let's Play Ball) (crossover)
  • "Swingin'" (I Can Go to the Country) (crossover) (sung by Billy & Ruby Biggle, the hosts, Kids World's Adventures Team and the crew)
  • "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" (A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm) (crossover)

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