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'{pretty} My Mom also known as Abuela Maria to the Lil' Rascals --  sewing DJ's Fine Garment for his First Reconciliation and Penance last month. The Chicken Sisters --- beading some friendship bracelets for family and friends. On Lil' Ragu's Birthday in January, the girls celebrated my mom's birthday as well. Abuelo having good times with the Lil' Rascals at their little casita in Miami. My Lil' Ragu with Abuela's dog Chewy. He loves to save and rescue animals!  Our little Saint Francis of Assisi in the making. First day on Mema and Grandpa Art's visit the beginning of this month. 

Good times had this trip! Mema and Lil' Rosebud cuddling up for a photo moment. '{happy} 

Our Communion Invite pictures for DJ.

DJ after doing his First Reconciliation and 1st Penance last month.

The Lil' Rascals having super fun times along with our close home school friends.  We were having a blast the day before Valentine's Day.  They were playing a Dance game off Xbox.

SAINTS Physical Education Program for Homeschoolers in South Florida.  All the pictures taken below are right after the Lil' Rascals ran the 1 mile run.


Lil' Meatball going down the slide. He loves the slide. =)

Practicing his yelling...or Tarzan calls.

My Lil' Meatball -- with his Million Dollar Smile!

Frosty treats on Fun Friday a few weeks ago.

Lil' Ragu with his giggles and smiles eating his Vanilla Frosty.

Sweet pure and blessed sisterly LOVE!


Having an awesome time at Abuelo and Abuela's casita.

REAL-- DJ is finally in Little League this year... on the pitcher's mound.

I want to be with Daddy look. A jab to the heart always.

Lil' Ragu's pouty lips. At 3 he get's mad and pouts the LIPS as we affectionately call them. =)

Taken with my camera phone. 

DJ trying on his 1st Communion Suit. I couldn't contain my excitement.  I can't believe my 1st born son is going to be blessed with his First Holy Communion in May. Bittersweet for sure and so proud of my little boy!

You can also visit  here for Walk with Him Wednesday hosted by Ann Voskamp


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