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Malefor is a purple dragon twisted by his own powers, Malefor has been banished at least three times: first, by the Elder dragons who believed in him before he ultimately betrayed them; the second, by Spyro and Cynder, and the third, by Spyro, Cynder, and the shell louge squad, with the help of Gurgi's sacrifice in Ryan Winnie The Pooh & The Gang Find The Black Cauldron. He was briefly freed by the Horned King. Despite the Horned King's defeat and him ending up in the banished realms, Malefor was impressed with how dark-hearted and cruel the king was, and dubbed him a dark spawn lord, even despite the Horned King's failure against the lougers.

Even though he was banished, Malefor became powerful enough to telepathically corrupt someone. Somehow, he corrupted Cobra irregardless of being banished, and caused him to start the first cartoonian war. He is the dark spawn lord of corrupion and evil, represents everything the dark forces stand for, and is among the most powerful ultimate villains, like Bowser and even Chernabog. In the banished realms, he is rallying up the native dark spawn warriors to one day be freed from the realms, and enslave all mortal universes.

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