Lord Cobra

Lord Cobra

Cobra serves as the dragon to Malefor due to the circumstances involving his recruition into the Villain league. In fact, Cobra was one of their original leaders before his ultimely ripoff demise of Facilier due to Shenzi smashing of the amulet similar to Facilier's voodoo hayacall. He was formerly Simon Cobra of a very poor family of cobras, was once Oogway's unsettled Student, he was slowly being corrupted by Malefor, and Shifu did every thing he could to prevent his ferther corruption, but Lord Cobra mutated, and was forced to be exsiled for causing the second cartoonian war, and blames Shifu for not standing in his case. Due to his infection with darkness, Cobra has become increasingly obssessed with corruption, claiming that it gives him pleasure to turn a hero or minor character into a personality clone of himself.

he first formed the villain leage with Facilier, Scroop, and the cteetahs, (however, it has been reveled that back when the villain leage was a simple 4 member gangster team, Facilier convinced Cobra to gain the dark meddailian in his control which caused him to be like this because it was easier for Malefor to corrupt him.) and corrupted Cynder. and before Cynder could be ofittcalised as the villain leage's leader, he helped her corrupted lord dread, who was once a simple pteradon at the time.

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