Barney's Big Adventure 2000Edit

Barney's Voice - Bob West

Barney's Costume - David Joyner

Baby Bop/'s Voice - Julie Johnson

Baby Bop's Costume - Jennifer Romano

BJ's Voice - Patty Wirtz

BJ's Costume - Jeff Brooks

Teletubbies - Himself

Hi-5 The Zoomers And The Mini Pop Kids - Himself

The Wiggles Are - Greg Page Murray Cook Anthony Field Jeff Fatt Sam Moran Emma Watkins Simon Pryce And Lachlan Gillespie

Dorothy the Dinosaur - Feonie Wade Corrine O'Rafferty Caterina Mete Lyn Stuckey Clare Field And Emily McGllinn

Wags The Dog - Andrew McCourt Kristy Talbot And Adrian Quinnell Rebekka Osborne And Morgan Crowley

Henry The Octopus- Reem Hanwell Kristy Talbot Brett Clarke Katherine Patrick Lucy Stuart  Mario Martinez Diaz And Rebecca Knox

Captain Feathersword - Paul Paddick

The Hooley Dooleys Gang - Himself

Kidz Bop - Himself

Ricky And The Rhinos - Himself

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