Kids World Enters The Magic School Bus

Kids World Enters The Magic School Bus

Kids World Enters The Magic School Bus is the Kids World's Adventures TV series planned by 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount Productions. It's unknown if the show will be shown on YouTube.

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All episodes of Kids World Enters The Magic School Bus are followed in every Kids World's Adventures movie By 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount Productions (20thUGCPP).


# # Title Topic Written by Guest star Original airdate
1 101 "Gets Lost in Space" solar system Brian Meehl, Jocelyn Stevenson Janet, Arnold's Cousin November 10, 1994
Arnold's cousin Janet visits Mrs. Frizzle's class to go on a field trip to the planetarium to watch a show about the solar system. When the planetarium turns out to be closed, Arnold suggests they go into outer space. The class explores Mercury, Venus, and Mars, while Janet collects proof of their voyage. In the asteroid belt, while Janet is trying to collect an asteroid as further proof, they lose Ms. Frizzle and find themselves lost in space. 
2 102 "For Lunch" Digestion Ellen Schecter, Brian Meehl, John May, Jocelyn Stevenson N/A November 17, 1994
Arnold really wants to break a school record, and to his surprise, finally gets his wish by staying at school with Liz while Ms. Frizzle takes the class on another weird field trip. What he doesn't realize is that he is the field trip. 
3 103 "Inside Ralphie" Germs John May, Jocelyn Stevenson Tyne Daly November 24, 1994
The class needs Ralphie to give them a story idea for broadcast day, but Ralphie is sick. His mother (Tyne Daly), a doctor, won't let him go to school. When Ms. Frizzle says that there is an amazing battle going on inside him, the class decides broadcast day should be about whatever is making Ralphie sick. After shrinking and going into Ralphie's veins through a cut, the class travels to Ralphie's sore throat to see what is making him sick. Then his white blood cells see the bus as a threat and attempt to devour it. 
4 104 "Gets Eaten" Food chain Jocelyn Stevenson, John May N/A December 1, 1994
Arnold and Keesha were supposed to do a bring in two beach things that go together for a report, but they both completely forgot about it. Keesha brought in a tuna fish sandwich, and Arnold brought the "scum" he got on his shoe when he stepped into a pond. The two don't have anything in common...or do they? 
5 105 "Hops Home" Animal habitats Jocelyn Stevenson Frank Welker December 8, 1994
Members of the class are bringing animals to school and Wanda has brought her frog named Bella (Frank Welker). When Bella escapes, Wanda is determined to get her frog back. Ms. Frizzle takes the class to several different places, until they find a perfect frog habitat. 
6 106 "Meets the Rot Squad" Decomposition John May, Jocelyn Stevenson Ed Begley, Jr. December 15, 1994
The class learns about what makes things rot by getting small enough to examine a rotting log up close when Wanda attempts to have the log removed to plant a new tree in its place. Also, Arnold wanted everyone to be part of the "Leave-The-Log-As-It-Is" club. 
7 107 "All Dried Up" Deserts Brian Meehl, Jocelyn Stevenson N/A December 22, 1994
Phoebe is worried about all the poor animals living in the desert. How will they ever survive? She decides to go to the desert in order to do something about it, and for once Arnold isn't complaining (due to his Field Trip Survival Guide). 
8 108 "In the Haunted House" Sound John May, Kristin Laskas Martin, Jocelyn Stevenson Carol Channing December 29, 1994
Carlos invents a new instrument for the class concert at the "Sound Museum", but it sounds awful. When the bus breaks down, they miss the rehearsal, giving Carlos more time to perfect his instrument. But to do so, the class must learn how sound is made in the middle of the night in the Sound Museum itself, where they learn about the history of the museum. 
9 109 "Gets Ready, Set, Dough" Kitchen Chemistry Brian Meehl, John May, Jocelyn Stevenson Dom DeLuise January 5, 1995
Oops! It's Ms. Frizzle's birthday and the class wants to throw a surprise party for her, but they don't have a cake. The bus is acting up on their field trip to the bakery, and it shrinks. How will the kids make Ms. Frizzle a cake when they're around a millimeter tall? 
10 110 "Plays Ball" Forces John May, Brian Meehl, Jocelyn Stevenson N/A January 12, 1995
Dorothy Ann has brought a book about physics, but everyone else thinks it's boring. Ralphie borrows it from her to use it as a replacement for home plate. D.A. doesn't learn of this until they set off on a field trip. Ms. Frizzle decides to back up and get the book, but the bus shrinks and lands on page 97 which has a "frictionless" baseball field. The class soon learns that friction is needed for the simplest actions, from playing baseball to walking. However, when it was time to leave, the book closes and the kids and Ms. Frizzle were trapped in the book. 
11 111 "Goes to Seed" Seeds Ronnie Krauss, Brian Meehl, Jocelyn Stevenson Robby Benson January 19, 1995
The class is planting a garden, but Phoebe's plant is at her old school. The students decide to go there, but Phoebe is worried about Ms. Frizzle embarrassing her and her former teacher named Mr. Seedplot (Robby Benson) 
12 112 "Gets Ants in Its Pants" Ants Jocelyn Stevenson, Kristin Laskas Martin, Brian Meehl N/A January 26, 1995
The class is going to make a movie about ants and Keesha is the director. She finds an ant to be the star, but the ant runs away to an ant hill with hundreds of other ants, leaving Keesha increasingily frustrated at her inability to find an ant to serve as the focus of the movie. 
13 113 "Kicks Up a Storm" Weather John May, Brian Meehl, Jocelyn Stevenson N/A February 3, 1995
Ralphie decides to call himself WeatherMan, but this angers Keesha who claims he isn't. She tells him the heat is getting to him, which makes Ralphie angry; so he decides to prove his worth by creating a thunderstorm. After he creates it, things go out of control. 
14 201 "Blows Its Top" Volcanoes Sean Kelly, George Arthur Bloom, Jocelyn Stevenson N/A September 9, 1995
According to Ms. Frizzle, there is an island so new it hasn't been discovered yet. Carlos wants to name it "Carlos Island"' but Dorothy Ann has decided to get a name by looking in a book. However when they arrive, there is no island. Ms. Frizzle says it's because the island hasn't arrived yet. In the end, it turns out that the island was created by an underwater volcano. 
15 202 "Flexes Its Muscles" Body Mechanics John May, Jocelyn Stevenson, George Arthur Bloom Tony Randall September 16, 1995
The bus is acting up, so Ms. Frizzle decides to take it to the Body Shop for repairs, owned by R.U. Humerus (Tony Randall). Meanwhile, Ralphie has been dreaming what it would be like if he had a robot to do all his chores. So he and the rest of the class (minus Keesha) want to try building one using all the gadgets in the body shop. First, they'll have to understand how bones and muscles work, though. 
16 203 "The Busasaurus" Dinosaurs Ronnie Krauss, Brian Meehl, George Arthur Bloom Rita Moreno September 23, 1995
This is the cartoon version of The Magic School Bus In the Time of the Dinosaurs. The only period seen is the Cretaceous Period (all periods are visited in the book,) which was due to time constraints so that's why this episode did not include every period-Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous; just the Cretaceous period. In this episode, the kids visit Ms. Frizzle's old friend, Dr. Carmina Skeledon (Rita Moreno) at a dinosaur dig. Dr. Skeledon lets Arnold see a fossilized dinosaur egg as the kids are leaving, and he still has it when they go back in time. An Ornithomimus steals the egg, and both Arnold and Phoebe chase after it. The rest of the class is left to find them, and in the end, Arnold squares off with a Tyrannosaurus Rex after being grown. (it resembles to Jurassic Park.) 
17 204 "Going Batty" Bats Ronnie Krauss, Brian Meehl, George Arthur Bloom Tyne Daly, Dana Elcar, Elliott Gould, Eartha Kitt, Edward James Olmos September 30, 1995
Ralphie is convinced that Ms. Frizzle is a vampire when she shows up in a cape, and with a transylvanian accent. She moves like a vampire and talks like a vampire. The Friz is now taking all the kids' parents on a little field trip and Ralphie is convinced she is going to do something horrible to them. This episode teaches that bats aren't a vampire, and that they are fascinating creatures. 
18 205 "Butterfly and the Bog Beast" Butterflies Brian Meehl, George Arthur Bloom N/A October 7, 1995
The class needs a new mascot for their soccer team, the old mascot being so old that nobody even knows what it is anymore. Phoebe is convinced it should be the butterfly, but the rest of the class doesn't agree with this. Janet shows up again and convinces the class that their mascot should be the "Bog Beast". Since nobody seems to know what a bog beast is, the Friz takes the class on a trip to the swamp to find out. 
19 206 "Wet All Over" Water cycle Jocelyn Stevenson, George Arthur Bloom, Kristin Laskas Martin N/A October 14, 1995 
The class is excited about going to Waterland. Wanda and Arnold are working on a project together and somehow Wanda convinces him to go to the girls' bathroom with her to get water. He accidentally leaves Ms. Frizzle's keys and Liz in the bathroom, and forgets to turn the water off. When they leave to go to Waterland, Ms. Frizzle instead uses a spare key which turns her, the class and the bus into water. 
20 207 "In a Pickle" Microbes Jocelyn Stevenson, Brian Meehl, George Arthur Bloom N/A October 21, 1995
The kids have just come back from vacation and found that the vegetables that won a contest have rotted. Keesha is particularly distressed, not because her first prize cucumber has rotted, but because it's gone and has been replaced with a pickle. Keesha reasons that the door to the classroom was locked over vacation and Ms. Frizzle had the key. To everyone's surprise Ms. Frizzle admitted that she had done something to Keesha's cucumber. The kids put Ms. Frizzle on trial and make Liz the judge. The Friz claims that Keesha’s cucumber was turned to a pickle by the "Mike Robe Gang" and takes the class on a field trip to prove it. 
21 208 "Revving Up" Engines Sean Kelly, Brian Meehl, George Arthur Bloom Sherman Hemsley October 28, 1995
Mr. Junkett (Sherman Hemsley), a vehicle maintenance inspector, wasn't pleased when he inspected the magic school bus. In fact, he decides to take it to the junkyard to crush it. The Friz and the class have to do something to save their bus. Naturally, they have decided to shrink and go inside it. All the problems seem to be caused by peanut butter, as Mr. Junkett was eating a peanut butter sandwich while inspecting the bus. 
22 209 "Taking Flight" Flight Kermit Frazier, George Arthur Bloom N/A November 4, 1995
Wanda and Tim have built a model airplane together for a model show. Ms. Frizzle decides to shrink the class, so they can fly in it. Tim, Phoebe and Liz stay on the ground to operate the remote control, at least until it gets smashed. The class learns all about flight. Meanwhile, Tim, Phoebe and Liz try to turn the bus into different airplanes (two of which can't fly) to go rescue them. 
23 210 "Getting Energized" Energy Brian Meehl, George Arthur Bloom N/A November 11, 1995
At the Walkerville carnival the kids are running the Ferris wheel; however, it doesn't work for some reason. Mikey, Carlos' little brother who is wheelchair bound comes to the rescue. Since electric power doesn't work, they decide to use the energy of falling rocks. If the people ride in one side of the Ferris wheel and the rocks land on the other, then it will cause the wheel to turn without hurting anyone. The problem is how to get the rocks to the Ferris wheel. Rachel makes a cameo, since she did not appear with Ms. Frizzle and her class. 
24 211 "Out of This World" Space rocks Libby Hinson, George Arthur Bloom Swoosie Kurtz November 18, 1995
Dorothy Ann has a nightmare about an asteroid crashing into Walkerville Elementary. She also has spotted an asteroid that will hit Earth in about five days and is worried that it will destroy her school to make her nightmare come true. In order to protect the school with her ideas, the class calls NASA, and has decided "to find it, follow it and finish it off," with a Star Trek theme. They also encounter a meteor and comet in this episode. 
25 212 "Cold Feet" Warm and cold blooded animals Jocelyn Stevenson, John May, George Arthur Bloom Michael York November 25, 1995
Liz has disappeared and the trail leads to Herp Haven, which is some kind of spa for reptiles. There, they see a woman named Mrs. Westlake ask for her turtle to be "toasted and stuffed, just like the last one." The class has decided to lead a rescue mission to find Liz, on which they learn about reptiles and how they need to move from place to place to get comfortable because they are cold blooded, which comes in handy, as Ms. Frizzle turned them into some. 
26 213 "Ups and Downs" Floating and sinking Brian Meehl, George Arthur Bloom Cindy Williams December 2, 1995
Talk show reporter Gerri Poveri is reporting that there is a monster in Walker Lake. The class is very eager (especially Wanda) to find it. Phoebe also wants to find the monster so she can feed it. However, the bus' automatic sinking button is broken. They will have to find some other way to get it to sink. They succeed by adding weight and "crumpling" the bus. However, at the bottom, they discover that the monster was a fake; Gerri Poveri made the story up to increase her ratings. Now they will have to make the bus float again, so they can tell the truth to the public. 
27 301 "In a Beehive" Honeybees Doug Booth N/A September 14, 1996
When Wanda and Tim were delivering honey from Tim's grandfather's bee farm, all the honey went down the gutter in an accident. Tim managed to convince the Friz to take them to get more honey, so Ms. Frizzle drives the class to a field where they find a beehive and learn how honey is made. 
28 302 "In the Arctic" Heat Brian Meehl N/A September 21, 1996
Arnold wants to know what happened to the heat from his hot cocoa. Ms. Frizzle thinks it is fitting to learn about heat in the land of ice and cold, so she takes the class to the Arctic. However, she accidentally drives the bus into the water, and the bus freezes. To make matters worse, the bus has been trapped on an ice floe with Phoebe, Ralphie and Liz. The class will have to get to the bus and heat it up to escape. 
29 303 "Spins a Web" Spiders Robert Schechter Ed Asner September 28, 1996
The class has gone to a drive-in movie, where the movie featured is Stand by Your Mantis (1953),(A Parody of The Deadly Mantis) about General Araneus (Ed Asner), who is attempting to destroy a giant praying mantis. Carlos and Phoebe aren't enjoying it. Carlos doesn't like insects (and spiders) and Phoebe is upset and declares that if she were in that movie, she'd trap the mantis, and take it somewhere else and free it. Naturally, this gives Ms. Frizzle an idea. So she drives the bus into the movie. General Araneus takes over the bus, kidnaps Liz, and pushes a button that makes the class go back out of the movie and shrink. He wants to use Liz as bait for the praying mantis. Outside the movie, the class encounter spiders a lot, and when Liz pushes a button that pulls them back in the movie, they apply what they've learned about spiders to stop the General from using Liz as praying mantis bait. 
30 304 "Under Construction" Structures Libby Hinson Rosalind Chao October 5, 1996
The class is going on a field trip to the new suspension bridge they're building. However, there is a problem, Mrs. Li (Rosalind Chao) (Wanda's mother) needs Wanda to watch her little brother William until she gets off her business call. The class decided to watch William together. William, only an infant, accidentally uses the Porta-shrinker to size down the entire class (without Liz) and the bus and locks the class in the bathroom. The class uses the materials available to them to build structures to escape. This is the first episode where the bus doesn't turn into anything. 
31 305 "Gets a Bright Idea" Light Ronnie Krauss N/A October 12, 1996
Janet is disappointed by the all-school field trip to a light show, considering that she wanted to see a magic show. She tells the class she could do a magic trick, but she can't because of the ghost that haunts the theater. When the class leaves the theater they find Arnold missing. When they enter the theater again, they see Arnold's "ghost". Keesha, the skeptic, is convinced that it is really a trick done by Janet to scare them. She soon finds out Janet is using the Pepper's Ghost Effect to scare the class. 
32 306 "Shows and Tells" Archaeology John May Alex Trebek October 19, 1996
The class is on the international show and tell game show, one person shows and the other tells. Arnold will be bringing his rock collection and Dorothy Ann will be doing the "tell" part. However, Arnold arrives without his rock collection. He found a strange object, that he thinks would work much better, but nobody even knows what it is. Ms. Frizzle then takes the class on field trip to find out. She turns the bus into Suppose-O-Tron, that can test their hypothesis. 
33 307 "Makes a Rainbow" Color George Arthur Bloom, Jocelyn Stevenson Paul Winfield October 26, 1996
Ms. Frizzle and Liz have invented a magical pinball machine that uses light instead of balls (the light travels much slower than in the real world). The light goes through a prism and the player attempts to bounce the different colored beams of light into the appropriate eye, in order to "make the rainbow." Ms. Frizzle says if she fails to win the game, it will be taken away. The class decides to help, and they shrink the bus and go inside the machine. Mr. Ruhle (Paul Winfield), the principal, shows up, and Arnold tries to stall him. 
34 308 "Goes Upstream" Salmon migration Ronnie Krauss N/A November 2, 1996
Ralphie is wondering what happened to all the salmon. They need them for the school fish fry, but they aren't here. The Friz has decided to take the class on a field trip to find out. She turns the bus into a salmon and puts a compact disk in the bus that makes it think like a real salmon, so it will go wherever Ralphie's salmon went. However, when the bus starts migrating, Ralphie changes his mind about doing anything to find out what happened to the salmon. He and some kids in the class attempt to stop it, but to no avail. 
35 309 "Works Out" Circulation Jocelyn Stevenson, George Arthur Bloom, Robert Schecter Dan Marino November 9, 1996
At this year's Teacherathalon Ms. Frizzle is competing against Mr. Sinew, the gym teacher with giant muscles. Janet (from Gets Lost in SpaceButterfly And The Bog Beast,Gets A Bright Idea,and Goes Upstream) shows up again and supports Mr. Sinew. The class is convinced that there is no way Ms. Frizzle can beat someone who can destroy shirts simply by flexing his muscles. Ralphie wants to know what lungs have to do with how your muscles work, so they go on a field trip inside the Friz herself. 
36 310 "Gets Planted" Photosynthesis Ronnie Krauss N/A November 16, 1996
The class is performing a play of Jack and the Beanstalk. As Phoebe gets stage fright, she decides to make the props. However, there is problem with the beanstalk. She tried to grow a real one, but it didn't work. So she tried to build one but that didn't work either. Naturally, the Friz turns her into a bean plant and Phoebe becomes shorter than Liz. However, no one is sure how plants get food. John makes a cameo, since he did not appear with Ms. Frizzle and her class. 
37 311 "In the Rain Forest" Rainforest ecology Brian Meehl Matt Frewer November 23, 1996
The class has decided to give the Friz a present for Earth Day, a cocoa bean tree in the Amazon (as cocoa beans are used to make chocolate). The day just happens to be the day the first shipment reaches them, but for some reason, the tree has produced no cocoa beans. They go to the rainforest to find the reason and Ms. Frizzle makes Tim and Dorothy Ann "RFI"s (Rain Forest Investigators.) Ms. Frizzle's tree is in a patch of the rainforest controlled by Inspector 47, who talks with a strong accent and runs around the rainforest in a white suit. He is very proud that he got rid of the mud in his patch of the rainforest, however the class finds out at the end that the mud was what caused the absence of cocoa beans. The mud holes were where the insects that pollenated the cocoa pods lived and it is revealed that Inspector 47 covered the rainforest floor with artificial turf. They explain this to him and he decides to "rip up this filthy artificial turf with my bare hands." 
38 312 "Rocks and Rolls" Water erosion Jocelyn Stevenson, George Arthur Bloom, Robert B. Schechter Jessica Walter November 30, 1996
The class is building a statue of Captain Walker, their city's founder. Captain Walker left instructions on how wanted this statue made in the form of a poem. Ms. Frizzle's class interprets the meaning he wants it made without the use of hands a little too literally. However, the statue breaks off the top of the mountain, and falls down. The Friz turns the bus into a rock and follows. Water erosion reduces the statue to a head by the time they reach the bottom. Desperate to get to the ceremony, the bus cracks open a dam of rocks that has formed and slides down the mountain. However, they found that somehow they made the mountain into a statue of Captain Walker's head and realize that Captain Walker wanted his statue made through erosion. 
39 313* "Family Holiday Special" Recycling Brian Meehl, John May Dolly Parton December 25, 1996

It is the day before the winter holidays, and the class is taking stuff to the recycling center which is run by Murph (voiced by Dolly Parton), Ms.Frizzle's cousin. Wanda is going to see The Nutcracker and is bringing a toy soldier instead of taking money, as they are taking toys to give to homeless children. As usual, something goes wrong. Arnold mistakes the soldier for something being taken to the recycling plant and Wanda's soldier is turned into plastic pellets. Wanda angrily declares she wishes recycling had never been invented. Naturally, this gives the Friz an idea. She turn the bus into an anti-recycling machine, which changes the city to the way it would be without recycling. It cuts down the forest, and turns recycling trucks into garbage trucks. The kids are confused when it turns the swing set in the park into aluminum cans and such. Wanda is still pleased, since if recycling hadn't been invented, then her soldier would be still waiting for them in school. However the bus turns the school into a garbage dump when they get there. Finally, the bus "un-recycles" itself. Wanda then apologized that she ever wanted to get rid of recycling, and wants it back. The Friz changes the bus so it changes everything back. Wanda makes new toy soldiers from the melted plastic pellets. Arnold has to leave for his sick grandma for Hanukkah. Soon, Arnold's classmates, Ms. Frizzle and Murph appear. This episode is more Hanukkah-oriented than it is Christmas although the episode references to Its a Wonderful Life.

This episode aired as a special one hour episode during its original airing. The first 30 minutes is the regular episode and the second half of the hour is a behind the scenes look of the series with the voice cast. For subsequent reruns, it aired as a regular 30 minute episode with the behind the scenes segment cut out. The home video release is also missing the behind the scenes segment and only features the 30 minute version seen in syndication. 

40 401 "Meets Molly Cule" Molecules Ronnie Krauss Wynonna Judd September 13, 1997
Wanda's favorite music star, Molly Cule (voiced by Wynonna Judd) is coming to Walkerville. Wanda wants to have the great honor of washing her car. The class set up a car wash. Molly Cule miraculously chooses theirs over automatic car washes. The reason for this is explained when Molly Cule says that she can't afford to have her hood ornament get wet. When Arnold asks what it's made of, she says, "That's my little secret, Sugar." She continues to call Arnold "Sugar" for the remainder of the episode. After they clean the car, she found a tiny blot of tar on the car using a "megamagnifier." The class shrinks down to the size of molecules to find it, and clean it off. However, when they get back Wanda accidentally knocks Molly's hood ornament into a bucket of water. It occurs to Arnold that her hood ornament is made from sugar, from what she said when he asked her what it was made from. The class shrinks down to the size of molecules to rebuilt the hood ornament. After they start, they began to crystallize. The class gets to participate in Molly's concert. 
41 402 "Cracks a Yolk" Eggs Ronnie Krauss Paul Winfield September 20, 1997
Mr. Ruhle gives the class the task of caring of Giblets, his pet chicken. However, Giblets "flies the coop" and the class decides to get a new Rhode Island Red to replace Giblets. Naturally, they decide to hatch one from an egg. They learn on their trip that both a male and female chicken are needed to produce a chicken (though it is never explained how, being a children's show.) At the last minute Giblets returns. "I guess he who flies the coop can always fly back again," says Ms. Frizzle. 
42 403 "Goes to Mussel Beach" Tidal zones John, May, George Arthur Bloom, Jocelyn Stevenson N/A September 27, 1997
The class has gone to the beach, but Ralphie insists on keeping the class in one spot, which the rest of the class think is the most rotten spot on the beach, being crowded with other people. Ralphie, however, insists that this is where they want to be. Ms. Frizzle hears that "Uncle Shelby" needs a special spot saved. Eager to get away from Ralphie's spot, the rest of the class agrees. However, they find the inhabitant of this spot is not a human – it is a mussel. They decide the middle tide zone is too crowded so they decide to find a spot. However, they find worse problems in the low tide zone and the high tide zone, so they eventually come back. When they get back to Ralphie, they try to apply what they've learned to convince him to change spots, but they discover he did have his reasons for picking the spot – the ice cream truck stops there. 
43 404 "Goes on Air" Air pressure Brain Meehl, George Arthur Bloom, Jocelyn Stevenson N/A October 4, 1997
For the Walkerville space capsule, Ms. Frizzle's class has to put in something on air. Keesha brings an "empty" pickle jar though, "It's not empty; it's filled with air." The rest of the class believes this is extremely pathetic and Ms. Frizzle "accidentally" gets the entire class stuck inside the pickle jar. Conveniently, they have to use air to get out of the jar in time for the space capsule's liftoff. Carmen makes a cameo, since she did not appear with Ms. Frizzle and her class. 
44 405 "Gets Swamped" Wetlands George Arthur Bloom, Robert B. Schechter N/A October 11, 1997
Walkerville is debating whether to build a mall where the swamp is now, or to build it somewhere else. With the flip of a coin, Ms. Frizzle's class finds themselves defending the swamp and Janet arguing against them. However, the class finds out that the swamp is home to several organisms, but Janet finds this argument little more than a joke and the city agrees. That is until a tree gets knocked over by lightning, blocking off the swamp and flooding the city. After the crisis is resolved, the city realizes that if they were to build a mall on the swamp, it would be washed away. 
45 406 "Goes Cellular" Cells Jocelyn Stevenson N/A October 18, 1997
Arnold is about to have the honor of being the first kid to receive one of the Rocky Awards at the annual Granite Awards. However, he has an embarrassing predicament. For reasons that are never exactly explained, Arnold has eaten only Seaweedies for a month and has consequently turned orange. ("It's my favorite color; except when it's my own skin.") He then asks, "What's the difference between my skin and say, Phoebe's?" So, of course, the class goes on a field trip to compare their skin, but they get nowhere since none of Phoebe's cells are orange. The class has to learn about cells and how they get energy to solve the mystery before Arnold is forced to accept the award. It turns out the Seaweedies are high in carotene and Arnold's exclusive eating them has pigmented his skin. 
46 407 "Sees Stars" Stars Noel MacNeal Dabney Coleman October 25, 1997
It's Dorothy Ann's birthday, but unfortunately she's sick and has to stay home. The class doesn't know what to get D.A. as a present until they see Horace Scope (Dabney Coleman) on S.S.N. (the Star Shopping Network) who's selling the stars for seven dollars each. Tim reasons that if every student puts in a dollar, they will be able to buy Dorothy Ann a star and name it after her. However, Keesha refuses to put in her dollar, as her grandmother was once duped by a similar organization (the Home Mopping Network.) Therefore Ms. Frizzle takes the class on field trip to see the three stars being sold by Horace Scope for themselves. 
47 408 "Gains Weight" Gravity George Arthur Bloom N/A November 1, 1997
Phoebe has been chosen to do a slam dunk for the whole school. How can she do that? She's not tall enough. She reasons that maybe if she just knew how it felt, then maybe she could do it. Therefore, Ms. Frizzle takes the class into outer space and transforms the school bus into a planet with adjustable gravity. With little gravity, Phoebe finds a slam dunk easy, but with no gravity it is impossible to even make the ball go through the basket. However, when the lever accidentally falls into the position of heavy gravity the class has trouble even standing up. They'll have to get the gravity back to normal in order to return to Earth in time for Phoebe's performance. 
48 409 "Makes a Stink" Smell George Arthur Bloom Bebe Neuwirth November 8, 1997
Flora Whiff (Bebe Neuwirth), the famous expert on smell — whose "nose knows" — comes to school to judge the First Annual Smell Search. Ms. Frizzle's class creates a unique smell which is bound to take first prize, but Arnold's cousin, Janet, determined to win by herself, changes their smell to an odor only a skunk could love. The kids discover the secret to what makes things smell... now they have to make sure their creation doesn't make a big stink. Michael makes a cameo, since he did not appear with Ms. Frizzle and her class. There is a big mistake in which Ralphie is talking using the voice of Arnold right after they get out of the trash. 
49 410 "Gets Charged" Electricity Suzanne Bolch, George Arthur Bloom, Jocelyn Stevenson N/A November 15, 1997
It's Valentine's Day, and the class is selling light bulbs as a fundraiser. They decide to go to Ms. Frizzle's house to see if she'd like to buy some, but her doorbell isn't working. Tim and Wanda go to find her, and they overhear her reading a "love letter". The class now has to fix the doorbell before Ms. Frizzle's "big connection" comes over. 
50 411 "Gets Programmed" Computers John May, Ronnie Krauss Paul Winfield, Malcolm McDowell November 22, 1997
Mr. Rhule, the principal, gets a new computer, and it's Ms. Frizzle's class' job to open up the school and set up his computer. Carlos's brother, Mikey (from Getting Energized), is a computer expert. After he sets the computer up to raise the flag, make the coffee in the teachers' lounge and ring the bell, he goes on his own trip to see the inner workings of the computer. Carlos records his voice with a handheld microphone. As usual, something goes wrong (along with the replay of his recorded voice), and Mikey has set the computer to do the tasks every minute instead of everyday. Can the class get to Mikey to have him fix the problem? 
51 412 "In the City" City critters Noel MacNeal, George Arthur Bloom, Jocelyn Stevenson N/A November 29, 1997
On the class' first "normal" field trip to the zoo, they wonder how the animals could live in the city. Ms. Frizzle then turns the kids into various city animals (Tim, Arnold, and Phoebe into foxes; Ralphie, Wanda, and Keesha into possums; Dorothy Ann and Carlos into peregrine falcons, and Ms. Frizzle a raccoon), but the bus thinks it's a bear, and with Liz inside, leaves the class. Worse, the city authorities are after the bus, thinking that it is a lost animal needing to return home. Will the class make it to the bus in time, or will they be animals forever? 
52 413 "Takes a Dive" Coral reefs Jocelyn Stevenson N/A December 6, 1997
The series finale. For their coral reef projects, the class each worked in partners. Wanda hates partnership, and instead of working with her partner, Dorothy Ann, Wanda does her own project. Ms. Frizzle tells the class about her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Redbeard the Pirate leaving treasure in a coral reef, and Wanda, a wannabe pirate, is for looking for it. Ms. Frizzle tells them to go two-by-two with their partners, which Wanda teams up with Dorothy Ann, Keesha teams up with Ralphie, Tim teams up with Carlos, and Arnold teams up with Phoebe. They learn about ocean partnerships, such as hermit crabs and sea anemones, snapping shrimp and gobie fish, sharks and remoras, etc. However, they are forced to work together when one part of the reef has been bleached out by none other than the treasure chest. They then go back to school, and open up the treasure chest, which has a portrait of Redbeard, and a model of the ship that can change shape much like the bus. 

Social StudiesEdit

  1. Episode 1 (June 6, 1999)
  2. Episode 2 (June 13, 1998)
  3. Episode 3 (June 20, 1998)
  4. Episode 4 (June 27, 1998)
  5. Episode 5 (July 4, 1998)
  6. Episode 6 (July 11, 1998)
  7. Episode 7 (July 11, 1998)
  8. Episode 8 (July 18, 1998)
  9. Episode 9 (July 25, 1998)
  10. Episode 10 (August 1, 1998)


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