Kids World's Adventures of Wee Sing Under The Sea

Kids World's Adventures of Wee Sing Under The Sea

Kids World's Adventures of Wee Sing Under The Sea is another new upcoming movie by 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount Productions. It will appear on YouTube somewhere in the near future.


Devin, Ryan, Pooh, Littlefoot, Bobby Brady, the rest of the gang and his granny find an enchanted conch shell that takes them to the ocean floor where they encounter many undersea creatures, including an underwater jazz band and Ottie, a fuzzy baby otter. Along the way they help Weeber the Penguin find his way back to the South Pole, and help him be comfortable with his odd light blue color, which makes him different. This story also touches on the destructive effects of pollution with Ryan, Pooh, Littlefoot, Bobby Brady and the rest of the gang.


  1. "Under the Sea"
  2. "Ten Little Sea Shells"
  3. "Creatures Under the Sea"
  4. "Bubble, Bubble, Bubble"
  5. "Little Baby Ottie"
  6. "Down On the Ocean Floor"
  7. "Twinkle Starfish"
  8. "The Clam Dance"
  9. "Sing Your Way Home"
  10. "The Adding Game"
  11. "One, Two Whale That's Blue"
  12. "Three Little Fishies"
  13. "You Are You"
  14. "Sing Your Way Home (reprise)"
  15. "The Pollution Solution"
  16. "Go Round and Round the Coral"
  17. "I'm a Hermit Crab"
  18. "Krabby Hermit Changed his Ways"
  19. "Rocking and Rolling Under the Sea"
  20. "Bubble, Bubble, Bubble (reprise)"


  • Greg, Marcia, Jan, Peter, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Emily Yeung, Daniel Cook, Max Keeble, Megan, Robe, Carly, Spencer, Sam, Freddie, Gibby, Gabriella, Gerald, May, Vada, Thomas J., Sid, Earl Sinclair and his family, Chip, Dale, Miss Piggy, Huey, Dewie, Louie, Tommy Pickles, Ash and his friends, Littlefoot and his friends, Spongebob, Patrick, Ronald McDonald and his friends, Earl Sinclair and his family, the Penguins of Madagascar, Thedore Tugbaot, Maisy Mouse, Kwicky Koala, Earthworm Jim, Peter Puppy, Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Genie, Jeremy the crow and the rest of their characters will guest star in this film.

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