Kids World's Adventures of The Weekenders

Kids World's Adventures of The Weekenders

Kids World's Adventures of The Weekenders is the Kids World's Adventures TV series created by 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount. It appeared on YouTube and Google Drive.

Episode ListEdit

All episodes of Kids World's Adventures of The Weekenders (TV Series) are followed in every Kids World's Adventures movie By 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount.


# Title Original airdate
1 "Crush Test Dummies" April 17, 1999
"Grow Up"

Crash Test Dummies: Pilot episode. Lor is in love with Thompson, and Carver thinks that she's talking about him.

Grow Up: When Tino is caught bouncing on a bouncy house, he becomes determined to be older and mature. Trouble ensues when Tino's friends get annoyed with his new maturity.

2 "Shoes of Destiny" September 4, 1999
"Sense and Sensitivity"

Shoes of Destiny: Carver wants to stand beside the cool kids on picture day and his new shoes help him be "C.A.R.P."

Sense and Sensitivity: When Lor disappoints her friends, she tries to be nice to make up for it.

3 "The Perfect Weekend" October 9, 1999
"Throwing Carver"

The Perfect Weekend: Tino plans out the perfect weekend but his friends bail out.

Throwing Carver: Tish takes an art class at the museum and makes an ugly statue of Carver. Carver himself, and the others try to keep their mediocre reviews to themselves.

4 "Home@work" March 11, 2000
"To be or Not to be"

Home@work: Lor needs her friends to help her pass an upcoming test or face going to military school.

To be or Not to be: When Tish's friends make fun of Shakespeare, she stops hanging out with them.

5 "Sitters" March 25, 2000

Sitters: Carver's Mom and Dad go to a conference so Carver has to look after his little brother, Todd.

Band: Carver lies that Chum Bukket will dedicate the show to him and his friends.

6 "Makeover" April 1, 2000
"The New Girl"

Makeover: Lor gets asked out by Thompson and gets a whole new makeover by two girly girls.

The New Girl: Tish's mom tries to become Americanized by hanging out with her friends.

7 "Party Planning" April 22, 2000
"Pudding Ball"

Party Planning: Tino, Carver, Lor and Tish get invited to a party. It turns out to be clownless and they have to know each other's gender.

Pudding Ball: The gang competes in a pudding throwing contest. However, aggression and competing go near the heads of the gang.

8 "Dead Ringer" May 6, 2000
"Carver the Terrible"

Dead Ringer: Tino tries not to look like a geek while playing horseshoes.

Carver the Terrible: Carver's classmates thinks he's a bully when they see him trip Laird.

9 "Radio Drama" September 9, 2000
"The Tradition"

Radio Drama: Tish gets bossy over a radio contest.

The Tradition: Tish must study for a coming-of-age ceremony.

10 "To Each His Own" September 16, 2000
"The Invited"

To Each His Own: Tino, Tish, Carver and Lor want to go to events that cater to their interests.

The Invited: Tino and Tish secretly get ready for a costume party that Lor and Carver aren't invited to.

11 "Diary" September 23, 2000
"Real Fake"

Diary: Carver, Tino, and Lor think that Tish is moving after accidentally reading her diary.

Real Fake: The group gets filmed for a movie and emulate TV characters when they think their normal selves are too boring.

12 "Super Kids" November 4, 2000
"Crevasse of Dreams"

Super Kids: After a seminar, everyone tries to do something meaningful with their weekends.

Crevasse of Dreams: Tino remembers a former hang-out spot and tries to convince the gang of its existence.

13 "Dixon"   November 11, 2000
An amusement park is re-opening and the gang tries to earn tickets while Tino frets about his mom's upcoming date but after finding out his mom's date, Dixon, is cool, Tino tries to make sure they get together. 
14 "Taking Sides" January 13, 2001
"To Tish"

Taking Sides: Tino and Carver get into a fight which splits the group in two.

To Tish: Tish's name becomes a slang term and it really bugs her to the max.

15 "Tickets" January 27, 2001

Tickets: Tino wins 2 tickets to a Chum Bukket concert and he has a tough time deciding which of his friends to take.

Vengeance: Carver seeks revenge after being tricked by a girl at school.

16 "Murph" February 3, 2001
"Uncool World"

Murph: Tino worries that people don't like him.

Uncool World: When one of the cool kids stops being cool, the gang helps her get accustomed to being uncool.

17 "My Punky Valentine" February 10, 2001
"Brain Envy"

My Punky Valentine: Tino has a crush on the punk girl and his friends try to "un-crush" him.

Brain Envy: Lor is jealous when the boy she likes pays attention to Tish's academics.

18 "Tish's Hair" February 17, 2001
"I Want to Be Alone!"

Tish's Hair: Tish gets a new hairdo and the gang is too afraid to tell her it's ugly.

I Want to Be Alone!: Tish decides to spend the weekend alone and the gang goes on a mission to discover why.

19 "Baskets for Bucks" March 3, 2001

Baskets for Bucks: Lor is under pressure when she must sink three baskets in a row to win money, and thinks that losing will end her friendship with the others.

Pru: A popular girl makes the gang popular to get back at her friends.

20 "Talent Show" March 10, 2001
"Relative Boredom"

Talent Show: Lor tries out for the talent show.

Relative Boredom: Tino's super geeky cousin is coming over for the weekend, conflicting his plans to see the new Chum Bukket movie.

21 "New Friends" March 17, 2001
"The Awful Weekend"

New Friends: After Tino meets his mom's former best friend, he decides that the differences he has with his friends will only end in tears.

The Awful Weekend: The gang experiences a terrible weekend, but end up laughing in the end because it's so terrible.

22 "Crushin' Roulette" September 9, 2001
"Lucky Shoes"

Crushin' Roulette: Tish feels left out when she is the only one without a crush and tries to find the right person.

Lucky Shoes: Carver loses his lucky shoes and his confidence with them.

23 "Cry" September 16, 2001
"The Perfect Son"

Cry: After Tino cries during Romeo and Juliet in class and is made fun of, he decides to give up all his emotions. The lost emotions plan seems to backfire among the gang.

The Perfect Son: Carver gets jealous when Tino spends the weekend at his house and his parents seem to like Tino better than him.

24 "Listen Up" September 23, 2001
"Never Say Diorama"

Listen Up: The gang becomes Preteen Pals courtesy of Helpers Helping the Helpless, to help kids get over middle school fears but Carver has a tough time listening and being helpful.

Never Say Diorama: Lor and Carver are suffering from Homework Paralisis Syndrome and Tish and Tino must help them complete their diorama.

25 "Secret Admirer" September 30, 2001
"The Lone Wolves Club"

Secret Admirer: Carver tries to discover who his secret admirer is and becomes very unhappy when he learns who it is.

The Lone Wolves Club: Tino gets invited to join a super secret and coveted club.

26 "The Most Dangerous Weekend" October 7, 2001
"Charity Case"

The Most Dangerous Weekend: Tino becomes paranoid and overcautious after hurting himself.

Charity Case: Tish decides the gang should help a girl who seems to be an unpopular loser.

27 "Best" October 14, 2001

Best: Tino tries to get "Best" designation in the yearbook.

Broken: Tino lets Carver borrow the scooter Dixon made for him but Carver breaks it. Tino keeps nagging Carver to get it fixed but later feels bad about it.

28 "Father's Day" October 21, 2001
"Follow the Leader"

Father's Day: It's Father's day this weekend but for Tino, what does Father's day mean to him since his dad doesn't live with him?

Follow the Leader: The group can't decide what to do for the weekend, so they decide to make just one friend decide for the whole weekend.

29 "Careers" October 28, 2001

Careers: The group puzzles over their career test results.

Tutor: Lor's grades are slipping and she needs a tutor to help her.

30 "The Tao of Bluke" November 4, 2001
"An Experimental Weekend"

The Tao of Bluke: The group has a team challenge called "Bluke".

An Experimental Weekend: Tish has her mind set on winning a psychology prize.

31 "Celebrity"   November 11, 2001
Tish stars in an episode of Teen Canyon and becomes a celebrity so Carver tries to teach her how to behave like one but she soon starts to act rude and superior. 
32 "Clown" November 18, 2001
"Testing Dixon"

Clown: Tino tries to destroy his coulrophobia.

Testing Dixon: Tino decides to test Dixon to see if he's stepfather material.

33 "Croquembouche" November 25, 2001

Croquembouche: The gang visit a food festival with presentations.

Imperfection: Tish tries to overcome her perfectionist ways.

34 "The Worst Holiday Ever"   December 2, 2001
The Christmas season approaches, but the gang each celebrate different holidays; Lor celebrates Christmas, Tino celebrates Solstice, Tish celebrates Hanukkah and Carver celebrates Kwanzaa. 
35 "Nevermore"   October 19, 2002
Tino goes through a revenge rampage when his friends won't go trick-or-treating with him and they think they're "too old". 
36 "Brain Dead" November 7, 2003
"Lor's Will"

Brain Dead: Tish loses her title as "Brain" when she gets a B on a test.

Lor's Will: Lor has an injury that she thinks may be fatal.

37 "Radio Free Carver" November 14, 2003
"Dinner Party"

Radio Free Carver: Carver becomes the new DJ of Bahia Bay Middle School with disastrous results.

Dinner Party: Tish hosts a salon party and "invites" Tino, Carver, Lor and Bluke.

38 "Laundry Day" November 21, 2003
"Penny McQuarrie"

Laundry Day: Lor enlists the gang to help her do her family's laundry.

Penny McQuarrie: When Carver's sister is dating one of Lor's brothers, both Carver and Lor get involved.

39 "Tino's Dad"   February 29, 2004
Series finale. Tino's dad is visiting for the first time in 8 years and he must plan the perfect weekend to bond with his dad. 

The Episodes Are Going To Be Followed In Every Kids World's Adventures Movie By 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount


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