Kids World's Adventures of The Wee Sing Train

Kids World's Adventures of The Wee Sing Train

Kids World's Adventures of The Wee Sing Train is another new upcoming movie by 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount Productions. It will appear on YouTube and Google Drive somewhere in the near future.


After setting up their train, Ryan, Pooh, Littlefoot, Ash, Stan, Alex, Benny, Bobby, Cindy, Oliver, Casey, Carter, and the rest of their characters find themselves in the land they created. Join them and their special elephant friend, Tusky, as they explore the land, and learn about safety.


  1. "Down By the Station (crossover)"
  2. "Train Is A-Comin (crossover)'"
  3. "Get On Board, Little Children (crossover)"
  4. "Home On the Range"
  5. "The Old Chisholm Trail (crossover)"
  6. "Chuggin' Along (crossover)"
  7. "Put Your Little Foot (crossover)"
  8. "Mr. Knickerbocker (crossover)"
  9. "Engine, Engine Oh so Fine"
  10. "The Vegetable Song (crossover)"
  11. "Had a Little Rooster"
  12. "The Old Gray Mare"
  13. "I Love the Mountains (crossover)"
  14. "Two Little Blackbirds Sittin' On A Hill"
  15. "The Train Went Over the Mountain (crossover)"
  16. "Keemo Kyemo"
  17. "Jenny Jenkins"
  18. "You are Special (crossover)"
  19. "I've Been Working On the Railroad (crossover)"
  20. "Get On Board, Little Children (crossover reprise)" (Music Video)


  • Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Matthew, Dwayne, Steve, Millicent, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Kimmy Gibbler, Malcolm, Mallory, Reese, Renee, Dewey, Daisy, Alex, Nicky, Emily Yeung, Daniel Cook, Reese Ambler, Rydell, Becky, Dylan and their friends, and the rest of their characters are back will guest star in this film.


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