Kids World's Adventures of The Muppet Show

Kids World's Adventures of The Muppet Show

Kids World's Adventures of The Muppet Show is the Kids World's Adventures TV series created by 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount. It appeared on YouTube.

Episode ListEdit

All episodes of Kids World's Adventures of The Muppet Show (TV Series) are followed in every Kids World's Adventures movie By 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount.

Pilot (1974–1975)Edit

No. Title Initial airing
0.01 "The Muppets Valentine Show" January 30, 1974
The first Muppet Show pilot, starring Mia Farrow. The Muppets Valentine Special. The hosting duties are attended to by a character called Wally. Other characters include George the Janitor, Mildred Huxtetter, Droop, Brewster, and "Crazy Donald" (called Crazy Harry in later episodes). Kermit the Frog has a supporting role. Most of the remaining characters appearing were from previous Jim Henson productions and The Jim Henson Company. 
0.02 "The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence" March 3, 1975
A second pilot episode for The Muppet Show. Viewers got glimpses of several of the future Muppet stars. Although Kermit does appear briefly, the backstage boss of this variety show is Nigel, the show's future band leader. Miss Piggy makes a brief appearance in a parody of Planet of the Apes and the Twilight Zone episode "The Eye of the Beholder". Meanwhile, a variety of sins romp around backstage, waiting for auditions for The Seven Deadly Sins Pageant. Debuting are Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, The Swedish Chef, Sam the Eagle, and Statler and Waldorf, grumbling from a living room instead of a theater box. 

Series 1-5 (1976-1981)Edit

No. Guest Star Initial airing
1.05 (1) Rita Moreno September 18, 1976

Backstage: Telephone running gag. Guest Act: French Tango. Veterinarian’s Hospital: Dr. Bob operates on Fozzie. Muppet News Flash: Chicken dances ballet. Swedish Chef: Swedish Chef makes Pancakes. At the Dance: Shark in the ballroom. UK Spot: "To Morrow." Song: "Lady of Spain" by Marvin Suggs and his Muppophones. Pressing Questions: Is conversation a dying art? Muppet News Flash: 'There is no news tonight.' Chatting with Guest Star: Cue Cards. Wayne and Wanda: "Goody Goody." Fozzie’s Act: 'Charlton Heston doesn’t tell jokes.'

Guest Act: "Fever." 

1.06 (2) Jim Nabors September 25, 1976

Backstage: Scooter’s first day. Song: "Money" by Dr. Teeth. Guest Act: "Gone with the Wind." Muppet News Flash: Flying saucer lands at gas station. Sketch: The Danceros. At the Dance: Health. Rowlf’s Act: "Dog Eat Dog." Chatting with Guest Star: Astrological signs. Wayne and Wanda: "Indian Love Call" from the operetta Rose-Marie. Fozzie’s Act: 'If you don’t laugh, I’ll never come back.' Guest Act: Nabors works bakery security.

Guest Act: "Thank God I'm a Country Boy." 

1.14 (3) Sandy Duncan October 2, 1976

Backstage: Kermit wants to know what the banana sketch is. Guest Act: "A Nice Girl Like Me." Swedish Chef: Doughnut. Fozzie’s Act: The banana sketch. At the Dance: Falling for you. Guest Act: Sandy makes Sweetums feel beautiful. Song: "Nobody" by Gonzo and Rowlf. Song: "Never Smile at a Crocodile" by Mary Louise (Whatnot version) featuring the Crocodile and some Frogs. Chatting with Guest Star: The banana sketch. Muppet News Flash: Jumping in place record. Veterinarian’s Hospital: Dr. Bob’s first transplant.

Guest Act: "Try To Remember." 

1.04 (4) Ruth Buzzi October 9, 1976

Backstage: Wind-up TV Show Host. Song: "Sunny" by Electric Mayhem. At the Dance: "I Have Three Feet." Wayne and Wanda: "Row, Row, Row." Muppet News Flash: The Atlantic Ocean has been kidnapped. Guest Act: "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" Rowlf’s Act: "I Never Harmed an Onion." Chatting with Guest Star: Buzzi hates fat but loves to eat. Fozzie’s Act: Greatest straight man in the business. Guest Act: Buzzi breaks her torturers down under pressures. Song: "You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd."

Pressing Questions: Is the Human Body Obsolete? 

1.03 (5) Joel Grey October 16, 1976

Song: "Comedy Tonight" (from the musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) by the Frackles and the Whatnot Criminals. Backstage: Fozzie’s jokes on any subject. At the Dance: Family Jokes. Muppet News Flash: Boffo the Human Cannonball. Guest Act: "Willkommen" from the musical Cabaret. Chatting with Guest Star: Joel’s life story. Song: "Pachalafaka." Wayne and Wanda: "Stormy Weather." Fozzie’s Act: Jokes on any subject. Sketch: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Disappearing Clues. Muppet News Flash: Brooklyn is held hostage by a retired bus driver. Gonzo’s Act: Destroying a vintage automobile to "The Anvil Chorus."

Guest Act: "Razzle Dazzle" from the musical Chicago

1.08 (6) Paul Williams October 23, 1976

Backstage: Fozzie and Scooter prepare to do the telephone pole bit. Song: "All of Me." Guest Act: "An Old Fashioned Love Song." Muppet Labs: All-purpose tenderizer. Sketch: "Silence", a poem by Rowlf. At the Dance: "You wanna take a trip?" Song: "I’m in Love with a Big Blue Frog" by Mary Louise (Whatnot version) featuring Kermit the Frog, Robin the Frog, and the other Frogs. Chatting with Guest Star: Famous short people. Guest Act: "Got anything cheaper?" sketch. Wayne and Wanda: "You do something to me." Muppet News Flash: 'I picked up the phone and there was no one there.' Fozzie’s Act: The telephone pole bit.

Guest Act: "Sad Song." 

1.11 (7) Lena Horne October 30, 1976

Backstage: Piggy won’t be performing this week. Song: "Ragg Mopp". Guest Act: "I Got a Name." Muppet News Flash: Woman has eaten nothing but seaweed. At the Dance: 'You’re always blowing your top.' Song: "(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story" duet by Zoot and Rowlf. Chatting with Guest Star: Fozzie wants to talk to the guest stars. Swedish Chef: Spaghetti. Gonzo’s Act: Unique version of "Pop Goes the Weasel." Guest Act: "I’m Glad There is You." Fozzie’s Act: Tribute to Marcel Marceau.

Guest Act: "Sing." 

1.12 (8) Peter Ustinov November 6, 1976

Backstage: Kermit is jealous of Ustinov. Song: "Evening at the Pops." Muppet Labs: Robot Politician. At the Dance: Punch Bowl. Guest Act: Economics sketch. Song: "(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song." Song: "You Do Something to Me." Muppet News Flash: Cure for the common cold. Wayne and Wanda: "Autumn Leaves." Pressing Questions: Psychiatry.

Song: "Bein' Green." 

1.07 (9) Florence Henderson November 13, 1976

Backstage: Piggy comes on to Kermit. Sketch: Bouncing Borelino Brothers. Guest Act: "Elusive Butterfly." At the Dance: We're engaged! Chatting with Guest Star: Piggy threatens Henderson. Rowlf’s Act: "Cottleston Pie." Pressing Questions: Was Shakespeare Bacon? Fozzie’s Act: Impressions of great actors. Guest Act: "Happy Together."

Sketch: Love comes to Koozebane. 

1.20 (10) Valerie Harper November 20, 1976

Backstage: Statler is determined to meet Valerie and brings her a rapidly growing African berry bush. Guest Act: Valerie convinces Kermit to let her do the opening act by singing "Broadway Baby." Swedish Chef: Chef decorates then smooshs cake. Muppet News Flash: Steam fitter turns into a rug. Rowlf’s Act: Rowlf reads poem "The Butterfly." At the Dance: Bat attack. Song: Rowlf and Sam sing "Tit-willow" (from The Mikado). Song: Floyd sings "Searchin'." Wayne and Wanda: "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever." Muppet News Flash: Dateline nothing.

Guest Act: Valerie dances with the Clodhoppers to "Nobody Does It Like Me." 

1.15 (11) Candice Bergen November 27, 1976

Backstage: Objects for Kermit running gag. Song: "What Now My Love?." Guest Act: "Put Another Log on the Fire." At the Dance: George pops the question. Pressing Questions: Does travel broaden the mind? Song: "It's not Where You Start, it's Where You Finish" by Rowlf. Chatting with Guest Star: Candice takes Kermit’s picture. Swedish Chef: Hot Sauce. Guest Act: "That Face." Veterinarian’s Hospital: Frog in the throat.

Guest Act: "You've Got to Have Friends." 

1.13 (12) Bruce Forsyth December 4, 1976

Backstage: Fozzie thinks he can handle any heckler. Then Kermit cancels his act. Song: The Snerfs. Guest Act: "All I Need is the Girl." At the Dance: 'Mind if I light up?' Song: "I'm My Own Grandpa." Chatting with Guest Star: Bruce rents a duck. Wayne and Wanda: "Trees." Guest Act: Bruce and Fozzie’s comedy routine. Veterinarian’s Hospital: Duck! Guest Act: "Let there be Love."

Special Note: One of the dances that Bruce had with a big bird was cut from broadcast, as it was considered "a bit suggestive."

1.10 (13) Harvey Korman December 11, 1976

Song: "Atom Bomb" by Electric Mayhem. Sketch: Interview with Animal. Guest Act: Harvey trains a dangerous animal. Pressing Questions: What is the meaning of life? At the Dance: Guy has swelled head. Song: "Jam" by Electric Mayhem. Chatting with Guest Star: Harvey’s the token human on the show. Veterinarian’s Hospital: Bob’s nerves are getting to him. Wayne and Wanda: "I Get a Kick out of You." Guest Act: Chicken outfit. Fozzie’s Act: 'Good grief, the comedian’s a bear!' Muppet News Flash: Boxer will defend title against himself.

Song: "Halfway Down the Stairs" by Robin. 

1.09 (14) Charles Aznavour January 15, 1977

Backstage: Scooter becomes Gonzo’s manager. Song: "I Feel Pretty" from the musical West Side Story. Guest Act: "The Old Fashioned Way". Veterinarian’s Hospital: Bob saved nine out of ten this week. At the Dance: Bananas have appeal. Song: "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On the Bedpost Overnight?)." Chatting with Guest Star: French, the language of love. Pressing Questions: What is man’s role in the universe? Fozzie’s Act: 'Look out!'

Guest Act: "Inchworm." 

1.17 (15) Ben Vereen January 22, 1977

Backstage: Fozzie gets locked in a magician’s box Running Gag: Crazy Harry explodes things. Guest Act: "Jump, Shout, Knock Yourself Out." Guest Act: "Mr. Cellophane." Muppet News Flash: Flagpole sitting record. At the Dance: The rolling stones. Rowlf’s Act: Für Elise. Chatting with Guest Star: Dancers have to keep in shape. Veterinarian's Hospital: Bob plays in the operating room. Wayne and Wanda: "I’ll Know." Fozzie’s Act: Fozzie in a box.

Guest Act: Ben sings "Pure Imagination" to Droop. 

1.19 (16) Vincent Price January 29, 1977

Backstage: Three-headed monster wants to be on the show. Song: "I've Got You Under My Skin." Guest Act: 'House of Horror' sketch. Wayne and Wanda: "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered." Pressing Questions: Gourmet Dining. At the Dance: Haunted ballroom. Song: "I'm Looking Through You." Chatting with Guest Star: How to become a vampire. Muppet News Flash: 'Furniture comes alive.'

Guest Act: "You've Got a Friend." 

1.21 (17) Twiggy February 5, 1977

Backstage: Gang encounters Phantom of the Muppet Show. Song: "Dance." Guest Act: "In My Life." Wayne and Wanda: "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow." Guest Act: "The King's Breakfast." At the Dance: Chandelier. Rowlf’s Act: "Minuet in G Major." Sketch: Vendaface. Muppet News Flash: Mrs. Thomas ate a diesel tractor.

Guest Act: "Nobody's Business But My Own." 

1.18 (18) Phyllis Diller February 12, 1977

Backstage: Hilda considers ways to make herself look younger. Song: "Mississippi Mud." Guest Act: Phyllis and Rowlf discuss what losers they are. Muppet News Flash: Woman flies to Dallas. At the Dance: Statler and Waldorf join the dance. Song: "Ol' Lazybones" by the Electric Mayhem. Chatting with Guest Star: Fozzie gets comedy tips. Song: "Hugga Wugga"/"You are my sunshine." Muppet Labs: Exploding hats Veterinarian's Hospital: Loaf of bread.

Guest Act: "The Entertainer." 

1.22 (19) Ethel Merman and Richard Bradshaw February 19, 1977

Backstage Fozzie's agent, Irving Bizare, comes in to negotiate Fozzie's contract. Sketch: 'Java.' Guest Act: Medley of songs by Miss Merman. Song: "Don't Sugar Me" sung by a mouse in a tea cup. Chatting with Guest Star: Miss Merman teaches Miss Piggy to sing. Guest Puppeteer Australian Richard Bradshaw, with shadow puppets.

Song: Miss Merman sings "There's No Business Like Show Business." 

1.02 (20) Connie Stevens and Sesame Street characters Ernie and Bert February 26, 1977

Backstage: Fozzie believes everyone hates him when he hears muppets insulting Gonzo’s teddy bear. Song: "Kermit sings Lydia the Tattooed Lady." Swedish Chef: Meatballs. Guest Act: "A Teenager in Love" by Connie Stevens and "The Mutations." At the Dance: Classy Rats. Song: "Ain't Misbehavin'" by Electric Mayhem. Guest Act: "(They Long to Be) Close to You" by Connie Stevens. Song: "Sax and Violence" by Zoot and Mahna Mahna. Gonzo’s Act: Grow a tomato plant to the 1812 Overture. Muppet News Flash: Hotline to Washington.

Guest Act: Bert sings while Connie Stevens dances in background "Some Enchanted Evening." 

1.16 (21) Avery Schreiber April 16, 1977

Backstage: Piggy tries to make Kermit jealous. Song: "Tenderly" by the Electric Mayhem. Guest Act: Sir Avery versus the monster of the moor. Muppet Labs: Gorilla detector. Guest Act: Avery as museum security guard. At the Dance: Boogie! Boogie Boogie! Rowlf’s Act: "May You Always Walk in Sunshine." Chatting with Guest Star: Piggy continues to flirt with Avery. Wayne and Wanda: "Some Enchanted Evening." Veterinarian's Hospital: Series of bird jokes. Fozzie’s Act: Banana in the ear gag. Muppet News Flash: 'There is no news tonight.'

Guest Act: Nonsense sound song. 

1.01 (22) Juliet Prowse April 23, 1977

Backstage: Scooter and Muppy convince Kermit to allow them to do a number and then make various demands. Song: "Mah Nà Mah Nà." Gonzo’s Act: Eating a tire to 'Flight of the Bumblebee.' Guest Act: Juliet Prowse dances to the second half of Scott Joplin's 'Solace.' At the Dance: 'Mind if I Smoke?' Rowlf’s Act: 'You and I and George.' Chatting with Guest Star: Juliet Prowse of Frogs. Sketch: Kid Fozzie Comes to Town. Song: 'Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear' Scooter sings while Fozzie dances.

Song: 'Temptation' by the Muppet Glee Club. 

1.23 (23) Kaye Ballard May 7, 1977

Backstage The Electric Mayhem band gets fed up with playing the theme song every night and threaten to quit unless Kermit allows them to play their own music. Song: "In the summertime." Guest Act: "What would you say?" Muppet News Flash: Longest sentence. At the Dance: Pig Latin. Song: Life. Chatting with Guest Star: Theme Song. Sketch: The Barber Shop. Vendaface: Changing ugly women to pretty women. Guest Act: "One Note Samba."

Closing Theme: only performed by Rowlf. 

1.24 (24) Mummenschanz May 21, 1977

Backstage: Gonzo pesters Miss Piggy for her attention. Song: Floyd, Scooter and the gang sing "Mr. Bassman." Guest Act: Mummenschanz performs mime with notepad masks. Sketch: The Library. Guest Act: Mummenschanz performs crawly creatures. At the Dance: Blow my Top. Song: "When I'm Not Near the Fish I Love" sung by a fish in an aquarium. Chatting with Guest Star: Mummenschanz show Kermit that you don't have to speak to communicate. Wayne and Wanda: "It's Only a Paper Moon." Vendaface: Statler gets a punch in the face. Muppet News Flash: Russia's oldest living human.

Guest Act: Mummenschanz performs mime with clay masks.

2.10 (25) George Burns September 17, 1977

Backstage: The cast is plagued by a gossip columnist from The Daily Scandal. Song: Piggy sings "Cuanto Le Gusta." Guest Act: Rowlf accompanies George Burns as they discuss dog acts and sings "Train Back Home." Song: "Chattanooga Choo-Choo." Veterinarian's Hospital: Dr. Bob treats a telephone. Song: Fozzie sings "Wotcher (Knocked 'Em in the Old Kent Road)." Chatting with the Guest: Gonzo chats with George Burns about Gonzo's early showbiz days. Song: Kermit and Piggy sing "I Won't Dance" in a skit that begins like an "At the Dance" segment. Sketch: A machine-eating monster.

Guest Act: George sings "It All Depends on You" and "You Made Me Love You" with the cast. 

2.04 (26) Rich Little September 24, 1977

Backstage: Gonzo interviews hopefuls for a new dancing chicken act. Song: Chanson d'Amour with Crazy Harry (the mad bomber) and three Muppet ladies. Guest Act: Impressions of the Muppet cast. At the Dance: Just not Animal's night. Song: "The Boy I Love," by Miss Piggy, accompanied by Rowlf (and audience). Sketch: "Shine Little Glow Worm" with lizard and inchworms. Chatting with the Guest Star" Muppet reporters interview Rich Little. Veterinarian's Hospital: Fozzie the Bear is a little hoarse. Sketch: "Tea for Two" by Gonzo and his dancing chicken, Lolita.

Guest Act: Scenes from the great Hollywood musical comedies of yesterday. 

2.09 (27) Madeline Kahn October 1, 1977

Backstage: Gonzo has a crush on guest star Madeline Kahn. Song: Kermit does "Happy Feet." Guest Act: "I'll Never Forget Your Feet." Song: "Animal Sings Gershwin." Swedish Chef: Lobster. Song: Dr. Teeth, Zoot, and Floyd do "A New York State of Mind." Pigs in Space: The Swinetrek loses power. Song: Fozzie sings with his ukulele. Guest Act: Madeline has a run-in with a monster in the park who is out to ruin her day. News Flash: Reporters are blowing up. Song: Rowlf does "In My Beautiful Balloon."

Song: "Wishing Song" by Madeline and Gonzo. 

2.07 (28) Edgar Bergen October 8, 1977

Backstage: Fozzie decides to try a ventriloquist act. Song: "Babyface" performed by a chorus of chickens. Chatting with the Guest: Kermit chats backstage with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy about frogs and sings "Consider Yourself" (from Oliver!) with Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Scooter, Uncle Deadly, Janice, Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Luncheon Counter Monster, the chickens, the pigs, and the Frackles. Muppet News Flash: The Muppet Newsman forgets his pants. Sketch: Gonzo wrestles a brick blindfolded. Pigs in Space: Piggy has to save the day with the "independent heating slash unifying element and horizontal equalizing plane." Song: Rowlf sings "Show Me a Rose." Chatting with the Guest: Fozzie talks with Edgar Bergen and Mortimer Snerd about their act. Fozzie's Act: Fozzie puts his ventriloquist skills to the test with his friend Chucky. Song: "Time in a Bottle." Song: Pecked out by chickens on a piano.

Guest Act: Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy discuss the Muppets and are joined by Piggy. 

2.11 (29) Dom DeLuise October 15, 1977

Backstage: Miss Piggy collaborates with Scooter to make Kermit jealous and get a better place on the show. Song: Piggy sings "My Old Man Said Follow the Van." Guest Act: Dom DeLuise travels to the planet Koozbane and meets the natives. Song: Animal has a drum solo. Veterinarian's Hospital: Dr. Bob treats a cow. Song: "Henrietta's Wedding." Song: Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem performs. Guest Act: A tour of Shepard's Institute of Animal Protection.

Guest Act: Dom sings "We Got Us" with Piggy. 

2.13 (30) Rudolf Nureyev October 22, 1977

Backstage: Sam attempts to class up the cast due to their high culture guest star. Song: Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem perform "Minuet in G Major." Song: Piggy and Link sing a duet from Don Giovanni. Guest Act: Swine Lake. Song: "Something's Missing." Veterinarian's Hospital: A Tribute to Shakespeare. Guest Act: Duet in a steam bath with Piggy, "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Song: Rowlf plays a piano solo with some help from Fozzie.

Guest Act: "Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails." 

2.08 (31) Steve Martin October 29, 1977

Backstage: Kermit conducts auditions for the next show ... but he forgets to tell Steve. Fozzie gets worried Kermit will hire a new comedian to replace him. Sketch: Several acts audition including Can-Canning Rodents and Mary Louise (Whatnot version) and Friend (a frog) singing "Swannee Ribbit" until Mary-Louise is hooked off the stage. Guest Act: Balloon Animals. Sketch: More acts audition including Terry-Louise (an alias of Mary Louise) and Friend singing "Tie a Yellow Ribbit" until Terry-Louise is hooked off the stage, Baskerville the Hound doing stand-up, and another emcee auditions. Song: The Four Fazoobs from the planet Koozbane. Sketch: More auditions, Gonzo and his dancing cheese, Carrie-Louise (another alias of Mary Louise) and Friend singing "Old Man Ribbit" (it is revealed that during this time that Miss Piggy had repeatedly hooked Mary Louise off the stage because she's the only one who can sing with a frog). Guest Act: "Ramblin' Guy." Song: Statler and Waldorf perform "The Varsity Drag", with Fozzie copying them from the balcony. Song: Marvin Suggs and His All Food Glee Club, "Yes, We Have No Bananas Today." Guest Act: Juggling. Sketch: The Flying Zucchini Brothers human cannonball act auditions. Guest Act: Steve plays "Dueling Banjos" with the Jug Band, the All Food Glee Club, the Fazoobs, and the Flying Zucchini Brothers.

Fun Fact: Brian Henson has said that the laughter in this episode is actually the laughter of the Muppet performers as the show was being recorded. 

2.12 (32) Bernadette Peters November 5, 1977

Backstage: Kermit's nephew Robin feels unwanted and wants to run away. Miss Piggy harbours jealousy against Miss Mousey. Song: Kermit and Miss Mousey sing "How Could Believe Me?" Guest Act: "Take a Little One Step, Two Step" by Bernadette Peters as Sweetums, Thog, and Timmy Monster follow along Song: Chickens peck out "Chopsticks" on the piano. Veterinarian's Hospital: Dr. Bob treats a shoe. Song: "The Sheik of Araby." Sketch: Sam tells the story of the ant and the grasshopper. Chatting with the Guest: Robin chats with Bernadette who sings "Just One Person" with Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Scooter, Gonzo, Rowlf the Dog, Droop, and Green Frackle. Swedish Chef: Chickie Boom. Muppet Labs: Bunsonium. Song: Robin sings "I'm Five." Muppet News Flash: A large object drops from the ceiling.

Guest Act: "Apple Jack" with the Jug Band. 

2.03 (33) Milton Berle November 12, 1977

Backstage: Fozzie hides from his idol, Milton Berle. Song: "Ugly" by Mean Mama, the Frackles, a Crocodile, and a Warthog. Guest Act: Statler and Waldorf successfully drive Uncle Milty insane by heckling him, creating a hilarious monologue in the process. Muppet News Flash: The battle over Mary Crandall's will between her son Charles and her cat Cuteypie. Pigs in Space: An unidentified object is going to crash into the Swinetrek: Gonzo on a motorcycle. Guest Act: Milton Berle sings 'The Entertainer' with Rowlf accompanying on the piano. Chorus includes Scooter and Fozzie in the end. Song: "Who" by Zelda Rose and her Singing Owl.

Guest Act: Milton Berle and Fozzie do a song and dance act: 'Top Banana'. 

2.22 (34) Teresa Brewer November 19, 1977

Backstage: Piggy decides to go on a diet. Guest Act: "Cotton Fields Back Home." Pigs in Space: The crew is running out of oxygen, fuel and water. And swill. Song: Animal performs "Wild Thing." Gonzo's Act: Gonzo recites Shakespeare in his own way. At the Dance: The couples discuss losing weight. Song: Dr. Teeth performs a song about cheesecake. Chatting with the Guest Star: Kermit talks to Teresa about her autograph book. Muppet Labs: Electric Nose Warmer. Song: Scooter sings "At The Hop" with some friends. Guest Act: "Spinning Wheel" with Sweetums.

Guest Act: "Music! Music! Music!." 

2.01 (35) Don Knotts November 26, 1977

Backstage: The band is so pleased with the song Fozzie picks for them that they declare him hip and give him a pair of shades. Song: "Sweet Gingerbread Man" by the Gingerbread Men. Song: "The Windmills of Your Mind." Guest Act: 'Beast of the Week' sketch. Veterinarian’s Hospital: Patient with three feet. Song: "Burlington Bert." Chatting with the Guest Star: Fozzie and Don enjoy being hip. Song: "What a Wonderful World" by Rowlf. Swedish Chef: Fish Stew.

Guest Act: "Lullaby of Bird Land." 

2.23 (36) John Cleese December 3, 1977

Backstage: Gonzo catches a cannonball with a bare hand, which makes his hand 5 feet long. Fozzie and Floyd Pepper make jokes about it, making Gonzo angry enough to get John help. Song: "Somebody Stole My Gal." Gonzo's Act: Gonzo catches a cannon ball. Muppet News Flash: Solving the food crisis. Song: Rowlf and a chicken play a song on the piano. Pigs in Space: John Cleese invades the Swinetrek as a space pirate. At the Dance: Waiter and fly soup jokes. Song: Piggy sings "Waiting at the Church." Song: Robin and Sweetums sing "Two Lost Souls." Chatting with the Guest: John tries to help Gonzo with his misshapen arm. Sketch: Kermit reports from the planet Koozbaine.

Guest Act: John refuses to do a song. The rest of the Muppets try to help. 

2.02 (37) Zero Mostel December 10, 1977

Backstage: Scooter’s uncle J.P. Grosse will give the show the money they need, if they put a lady wrestler number in the show and enraging Sam in the process. Song: Chopin's "Polonaise in A Flat" by Electric Mayhem. Guest Act: "What do the Simple Folk Do?" At the Dance: Tennis. Muppet Labs: Magnetic Carrots. Song: Piano-sax duet, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes." Guest Act: ‘Fears’ poem. Song: Drum Solo. Sketch: Lady Wrestling.

Note: Zero Mostel died before this episode was broadcast, the only guest to have this distinction. 

2.05 (38) Judy Collins January 28, 1978

Backstage: J.P. Gross wants to demolish the theater and put in a junkyard. Guest Act: "Leatherwing Bat." Pigs in Space: Mid-course correction maneuver. Sam's Editorial: Sam announces he's disassociating himself with the show. Guest Act: "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly." Muppet News Flash: The Newsman's report catches on fire. Sketch: "I Talk to the Trees," with Link Hogthrob. Sketch: Kermit reports from planet Koozebane to interview the Foob. Guest Act: duet on piano with Rowlf, "Do-Re-Mi." Swedish Chef: Shotgun.

Guest Act: "Send in the Clowns." 

2.14 (39) Elton John January 4, 1978

Backstage: Scooter has a song for Elton John. The Swedish Chef chases a chicken. Sam thinks Elton John is an affront to culture. Guest Act: "Crocodile Rock" with a group of crocodiles. Swedish Chef: Egg du Chef. Guest Act: Scooter starts singing "Bennie and the Jets" and Elton takes over. Veterinarian's Hospital: Dr. Bob treats a dog. Song: Kermit and Fozzie sing "Any Old Iron." Guest Act: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" with the Electric Mayhem. Pigs in Space: Boredom.

Guest Act: "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with Miss Piggy. 

2.21 (40) Bob Hope February 11, 1978

Backstage: Bob Hope is splitting his time between The Muppet Show and several charity shows. Animal tries to find a hobby. Song: "Pig Calypso" featuring Piggy and various other pigs. Guest Act: Bob and Kermit do a quick back and forth, Bob has skipped out on a benefit for the Flying Zucchini Brothers to be at the show. Song: "For What It's Worth" sung by Woodland Creatures, interrupted by inept Whatnot Hunters, George the Janitor, and Gramps. News Flash: Opening day of fishing season. The Swedish Chef: Pressed duck. News Flash: Opening of opera season. Song: Rowlf performs a short piano solo. Song: "Sing Me the Songs" by J.P. Grosse and some primary Muppets. Muppet Labs: Automatic Waste Basket. Song: Rowlf gets another chance at a piano solo, with an extra hand. Guest Act: Cowboy Sketch.

NOTE: The Woodland Creatures in the "For What It's Worth" number are recycled from some of the characters from Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas in unclothed form ranging from an opossum as the lead singer (recycled from Old Lady Possum), a fox (recycled from Mayor Harrison Fox), a badger (recycled from James Badger), an opossum (recycled from Will Possum), a rabbit (recycled from George Rabbit), and a muskrat (recycled from Nat Muskrat). 

2.17 (41) Julie Andrews February 18, 1978

Backstage: A real cow mysteriously appears backstage. Guest Act: "The Lonely Goatherd." News Flash: Sports equipment jettisoned. Gonzo's Act: Gonzo plays the bagpipes from a flagpole 10 feet in the air, but the act is cut short when a beaver gnaws the flagpole, prompting it to fall down. Song: Rowlf plays Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." Chatting with the Guest: Kermit attempts a quiet chat with Julie Andrews. Song: Gonzo sings "Won't Someone Dance with Me." Song: "Borneo" by the Jugband. Guest Act: "When You Were a Tadpole and I was a Fish" with Kermit. Sam's Commentary: Industry and Technology. Muppet Labs: Hair Growing Tonic.

Guest Act: "Whistle a Happy Tune." 

2.19 (42) Peter Sellers February 25, 1978

Backstage: Bunsen and Beaker keep appearing and disappearing, as well as other cast members and items. Guest Act: "A Gypsy's Violin." Song: Rowlf sings "When", a song about nature sounds. Chatting with the Guest: Kermit tells Peter Sellers to be himself; Peter Sellers replies he cannot because "there is no me" and "I had it surgically removed." Gonzo's Act: "Down Memory Lane" with Rowlf. Guest Act: Peter Sellers assists Link with his workout. Song: Kermit sings "Bein' Green." Muppet Labs: Teleporter.

Guest Act: "Cigarettes, and Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women." 

2.18 (43) Jaye P. Morgan March 4, 1978

Backstage: Jaye P. Morgan isn't very thrilled about being on the show. Later, Scooter's uncle J.P. Gross shows up. Guest Act: Tweedley Tweedley Dee. Swedish Chef: Opening a coconut. Song: Rowlf, Gonzo, and Animal perform "Flight of the Bumblebee." At the Dance: Men vs. Women, and the troubles with some of the couples. Song: Rowlf and Fozzie repeat their act from episode 2.13. Chatting with the Guest: Kermit and Jaye P. talk about explosions. Song: Floyd and Nigel the conductor perform. Pigs in Space: The Swinetrek plummets towards Earth at an incredible rate of speed, needing to toss some excess weight overboard to slow down. News Flash: The London Symphony Orchestra jettisons some instruments from their flight. Sam's Commentary: Crime.

Guest Act: "That Old Black Magic" with the Electric Mayhem. 

2.06 (44) Nancy Walker March 11, 1978

Backstage: Kermit is home sick, so Fozzie is in charge. Song: Crazy Harry and a cannon. Guest Act: Nancy at the diner with Fozzie and the Luncheon Counter Monster eats dishes. Veterinarian's Hospital: Combined with At the Dance after Fozzie messes up the introduction. Song: "My Dear Old Dutch" with Bert and Rowlf. Sketch: Bird medley. Chatting with the Guest Star: Fozzie talks to Nancy about the problems with the night's show and she sings "Pick Yourself Up" to Fozzie. Later, Piggy and Nancy talk to Kermit on the phone. Sam's Editorial: Sam discusses nudity in the world today.

Guest Act: "They Can't Take That Away From Me" with Sweetums. 

2.15 (45) Lou Rawls April 29, 1978

Backstage: The show is thrown into chaos when Fozzie's roller skating act isn't quite ready. Guest Act: "Groovy People." News Flash: Mallarditus. Veterinarian's Hospital: Dr. Bob has no patient. Guest Act: Floyd and Animal chat with Lou. Swedish Chef: Frog's legs. At the Dance: Lots of visual gags. Song: Kermit sings "Ukulele Lady" (with Miss Piggy and Scooter). Song: Link sings "Sonny Boy" with a piglet. Chatting with the Guest: Kermit chats with Lou, which turns into a scat song with the Electric Mayhem. Muppet Labs: Nuclear Powered Shaver. Fozzie's Act: Fozzie on roller skates.

Guest Act: "You're the One." 

2.20 (46) Petula Clark May 6, 1978

Backstage: A moose, named Mickey and who sounds like John Wayne, hangs out backstage, upsetting Kermit. Song: "Sea Chantey" with Link, Scooter, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Robin. Guest Act: "The Boy from Ipanema." Sketch: A Wild West bar is filled with chickens, with Gonzo as the bartender. The classic gun battle between good and evil occurs. At the Dance: The couples discuss their relationships and mothers. Song: "Upidee." Guest Act: "I Really Love You" with Rowlf. Veterinarian's Hospital: Dr. Bob, Nurse Piggy and Nurse Janice operate on a sinking patient. The Swedish Chef: Chocolate Moose.

Guest Act: "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie

2.16 (47) Cleo Laine and Bruce Schwartz May 13, 1978

Backstage: Fozzie's mother is in the audience. Song: "Everybody Limbo." Guest Act: "It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got That Swing)" with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Orchestra. Pigs in Space: Annual Inspection, with Fozzie filling in for Piggy. Extra Guest Act: Bruce Schwartz performs with a marionette. Song: Rowlf and a few dogs perform "Mad Dogs and Englishmen." Swedish Chef: Cleo Laine assists, singing "You're Just in Love" with the Chef. Fozzie's Act: Phrenology.

Guest Act: Cleo Lane performs with Bruce Schwartz. 

2.24 (48) Cloris Leachman May 20, 1978

Backstage: Pigs take over the show. Kermit and other regulars are kept in the boiler room. Song: "That's Entertainment." Guest Act: Cloris sings a medley with Link. Fozzie's Act: Fozzie the Pig performs, meeting with better success than Fozzie the Bear. Swedish Chef: The Swedish Pig makes popcorn. Veterinarian's Hospital: Rebranded "Vegetarian's Hospital," the all-pig cast is presented with a tray of fruits and vegetables as a patient. News Flash: Presented by a pig newscaster who comments that Dr. Bunsen Honeypig has created a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Pigs in Space: The Swinetrek is under attack by chopped liver.

Guest Act: "Just in Time."

3.13 (49) Helen Reddy September 16, 1978
Kermit tells his new janitor, Beauregard, to clean up the theater and use some elbow grease. Unfortunately, the utterly incompetent Beauregard, after not finding any elbow grease, uses axle grease, which causes everyone to slip around. "Beauregard, what kind of an idiot are you?" Kermit exclaims. "Oh, I didn't know there was a choice!" Beauregard answers. Later, Beau greases up a spot on the stage, which ruins Fozzie's dance number. Kermit tells Beau to spread a little sand around the greasy areas, and Beauregard covers the backstage in huge sand dunes. Then he sweeps the sand onto the stage — so at the last minute, Kermit changes the closing number to an Arab desert number, in which Helen dances with Sopwith the Camel. 
3.03 (50) Roy Clark September 23, 1978
Fozzie Bear hears Kermit say the show is "going country" with guest Roy Clark, so he sends all the stagehands out to the country. Furious, Kermit makes Fozzie do all their work — shift the scenery, open the curtains — and if anything goes wrong, Fozzie will be fired. Moments later, the theater catches on fire. Fozzie organizes a bucket brigade, and when Kermit demands an explanation, Fozzie gets the Swedish Chef to explain. He also must make a quick patchwork after Gonzo makes a hole on stage before the closing number. 
3.06 (51) Jean Stapleton September 30, 1978
Kermit puts up with various problems in the theater: Animal eats Gonzo's trained Mexican jumping beans, which make him jump whenever someone says "Arriba", he gets a strange sandwich from Gladys, and he has to put up with Miss Piggy's temper when Annie Sue is used over her in the melodrama sketch. On top of all this, Jean Stapleton announces who she'd like as her partner for the closing number partner: Crazy Harry. 
3.12 (52) James Coco October 7, 1978
Although he initially loves the show, James talks Kermit into adding some "razzle-dazzle" to "dull, slow-moving acts" like the Swedish Chef. After messing up several acts with his concepts, including Spanish dancers with the Chef, and chorus girls in Veterinarian's Hospital, James decides to downsize for his closing number... to the point that he's the big man on stage! 
3.09 (53) Liberace October 14, 1978
Liberace decides to perform an entire "concert for birds" in the second half of the show, while Gonzo is determined to get his tap-dancing chickens into the act. 
3.08 (54) Loretta Lynn October 21, 1978
The Muppet Theater is being fumigated, so the entire show moves to a railroad station — and is periodically interrupted by passing trains. Luckily, Loretta cheerfully tells Kermit that "country singers can sing anywhere." Gonzo sets up a backstage office for Kermit on the caboose of a train, which takes off for Pittsburgh. While the show continues, Kermit and Gonzo try to ride a handcart back — but they run into a train heading in the other direction. Once back at the station for the closing, Gonzo finally eliminates the trains with a single sign: "Airport". 
3.07 (55) Alice Cooper October 28, 1978
The "talented but frightening" Alice Cooper sets an eerie mood for the show from the moment he tells Scooter that the monsters in his dressing room aren't The Muppet Show's; they're his. Even the floating blue mass that comes out of Gonzo's horn in the opening has an otherworldly feel to it. Alice later reveals himself to be an agent of the Devil's, offering the Muppets "fabulous riches and worldwide fame" in a Faustian exchange for their souls. Kermit shudders at the idea, Miss Piggy gives it a test run but ultimately decides it's not worth the sacrifice (or the makeover), and Gonzo spends much of the episode looking for a pen to sign the contract. He becomes so desperate that he, in quick succession, offers to trade the Vile Bunch Drummer a chicken, all of his chickens and The Newsman, and finally his soul for a pen before realizing that he has "other plans for that." Alice performs three of his songs: "Welcome to My Nightmare" (performed in a spooky setting in the beginning of the show, right after the opening theme and an introduction from Kermit), "You and Me" (a ballad performed in the middle of the show) and "School's Out" (performed at the end of the show, alongside giant, life-sized monsters who provide backing vocals). 
3.24 (56) Cheryl Ladd November 4, 1978
Backstage, Kermit chats with the Bust of Beethoven. Fozzie reads a book on self-improvement, and asks Kermit to make a list of his good points and bad points. Fozzie looks at the list before it's done, and is shocked that Kermit has written down such awful bad points. Kermit gulps, and explains that that's the list of good points. 
3.05 (57) Pearl Bailey November 11, 1978
Floyd is unhappy with the closing number — the jousting scene from Camelot — in which he has to play a knight, complete with heavy armor. The number also includes the mysterious Black Knight, whose identity might be revealed by his distinctive, hook-nosed mask. At the last minute, they find that they can't afford the rights to Camelot's music, so they substitute tunes from West Side Story and Hello, Dolly!, not to mention My Fair Lady. 
3.01 (58) Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge November 18, 1978

Guest Act: "Help Me Make it Through the Night" by Kris Kristofferson and Miss Piggy backed by Electric Mayhem Gonzo Stunt: Gonzo recites the seven-times tables while standing on a hammock and balancing a piano. Muppet Labs: Atomic Elevator Shoes. Song: "My Irish Rose" by Wayne. Guest Act: "We're All Alone" by Rita Coolidge featuring appearances by Billy the Bear, a Deer, a Beaver, a Weasel, and repurposed versions of Mayor Harrison Fox, James Badger, Nat Muskrat, and Will Possum from Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas. Song: "New York State of Mind" by Floyd Pepper, Dr. Teeth, and Zoot. Song: "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee" by Rowlf and Fozzie. Guest Act: "Song I Like to Sing" by Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge.

Note: This episode marks the first appearance of the Muppet Theater's canteen, as well as that of its proprietress, Gladys. 

3.11 (59) Raquel Welch November 25, 1978
Fozzie goes to group therapy to become more assertive. He says he won't do his monologue because he doesn't need to use humor to buy friends anymore. When Kermit tells the audience that there won't be a monologue, Fozzie misinterprets their cheers as a sign that they love him, and he goes on anyway. Later, Raquel tells him that he's very sexy, and she sings him a song that boosts his confidence to the point that he decides to write "the world's funniest joke". 
3.02 (60) Leo Sayer December 2, 1978

Backstage: Kermit lets Annie Sue, another female pig singer, perform on the show, thus making Miss Piggy extremely jealous. Guest Act: "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" by Leo Sayer backed by the Electric Mayhem. Song: "You Put a Piece of Carbon Paper Under Your Heart" by Annie Sue. Song: "The Daffodils" by a sneezing Miss Piggy accompanied by a sneezing Rowlf. Guest Act: "The Show Must Go On" by Leo Sayer backed by Animal on Drums and a banjo. Song: "She Was a Dear Little Dickie-Bird" by Gonzo. Fozzie's Act: Fozzie, accompanied by Annie Sue, attempts to perform a memory stunt, but keeps forgetting Annie's name.

Guest Act: "When I Need You" by Leo Sayer featuring Billy the Bear, Mickey Moose, Harold Woodpecker, a beaver, a weasel, Crazy Harry, and Mayor Harrison Fox and James Badger from Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

3.04 (61) Gilda Radner December 9, 1978
Guest star Gilda Radner faces several problems: initially, her request for a seven-foot tall talking parrot gets messed up by bad handwriting, making her sing operetta with a giant carrot. Later, Bunsen Honeydew tests Muppet Labs' new super-adhesive glue on her, but the glue accidentally gets everywhere, and everyone and everything gets stuck together. 
3.10 (62) Marisa Berenson December 16, 1978
Kermit is pestered by Lew Zealand, who wants to audition his boomerang fish act: "I throw the fish in the air... they sail away... and then they come back to me!" Meanwhile, Miss Piggy plans the closing comedy sketch — a wedding "sketch" starring her as the bride and Kermit as the groom. Secretly, she books a real minister, and Scooter fools Kermit into signing the marriage license. Kermit is roped into going to the altar, but when the minister asks him if he'll take Piggy as his wife, he says, "I... I... I want to introduce to you the amazing Lew Zealand and his boomerang fish!" Lew starts throwing his boomerang fish as Piggy karate-chops the still-single Kermit. 
3.17 (63) Spike Milligan January 20, 1979
The Muppet Show is broadcast in 108 countries, so Kermit plans an "international extravaganza," featuring people from each of those nations. Unfortunately, the various people don't necessarily get along, although everyone seems to understand the Swedish Chef telling a joke. At the end, everyone gets together for the Parade of Nations, singing "It's a Small World". 
3.19 (64) Elke Sommer January 27, 1979
After a chance meeting with Beaker (who had been hiding from Bunsen's latest hairbrained invention), Beauregard lets him help build a set for the ancient-Egypt closing number. But the two end up causing chaos culminating in Beaker running amuck with power tools, Beauregard continuing on the set during the closing number, and Kermit realizing the idiocy of both. 
3.16 (65) Danny Kaye February 3, 1979
Statler and Waldorf leave their box to sit out in the alley, disgusted by tonight's guest star. Danny overhears them in the alley saying that tonight's guest is the worst performer on earth, even worse than Clive Cahuenga, the singing civil servant. At the end, Statler and Waldorf are embarrassed when they find out that the guest star is Danny Kaye — they thought it was Manny Kaye, the tuned clam player. During the show, Floyd Pepper and Janice occupy Statler and Waldorf's box. 
3.18 (66) Leslie Uggams with Big Bird February 10, 1979
Leslie co-stars with Big Bird of Sesame Street. Gonzo has a first date with Camilla the Chicken, but she has hay fever, and the flowers Gonzo brings make her sneeze so hard that she's propelled around the room. Later, Gonzo serenades her with a song he wrote for her — "Camilla... you're prettier by far than Godzilla..." In the middle of the song, Big Bird wanders by, and Gonzo instantly falls in love with the huge bird. Gonzo flirts with Big Bird until Camilla drops a flowerpot on Gonzo's head. 
3.14 (67) Harry Belafonte February 17, 1979
Despite Kermit's insistence that everything on the show is spontaneous, Fozzie Bear decides it needs scripts. He tries his hand at scripting the show while it's actually going on, but his scripts are extremely confusing. He gives up when his tie gets caught in the typewriter. 
3.20 (68) Sylvester Stallone February 24, 1979
The backstage is invaded by Sylvester Stallone's groupies, who have paid Scooter for backstage passes. To calm a furious Kermit, Scooter pretends the girls are all there to see him, then hustles them up to Sylvester's dressing room. 
3.15 (69) Lesley Ann Warren May 5, 1979
Gonzo unveils his new act: riding his motorcycle up a ramp and into Statler and Waldorf's theater box, having first taken the safety precaution of chaining them to their chairs while they were dozing. Of course, the bike doesn't even get off the ramp... the first time. Meanwhile, Kermit doesn't realize that he's booked Lesley Ann Warren; he thought he was getting "Leslie and Warren, the knife throwing act". He's thrilled to learn that his guest star is the multi-talented Ms. Warren, but over the course of the episode, other ersatz guest stars approach, including Lesley and Warren, the Dancing Cucumbers, and a trio named Les, Lee and Warren. 
3.21 (70) Roger Miller May 12, 1979
There's an outbreak of "cluckitis" in the theater, a disease which causes the sufferer to sneeze and turn into a chicken. Kermit tries to hide this from Roger, but it doesn't work — Robin turns into a chick in front of him, and Roger recognizes the Lew Zealand chicken and his boomerang egg act. By the end of the show, every Muppet except Gonzo has turned into a chicken, the backstage is covered in nests, and Gonzo is thrilled. Kermit is humiliated, but Roger's very understanding; he explains that he had cluckitis once. 
3.22 (71) Roy Rogers & Dale Evans May 19, 1979
In honor of Roy and Dale, the theme of the show is cowboys, and Roy's cows mill around backstage. They're crazy for Fozzie's cow jokes: "You cows are an udder delight! You don't know the hoof of it!" But just as he's getting rolling, they're herded onstage, Kermit says that's one thing you had to worry about in the Old West: "Audience rustlers." 
3.23 (72) Lynn Redgrave May 26, 1979
Kermit stars in the Muppet production of Robin Hood, with Lynn as Maid Marian and Fozzie as Little John. In the story, Maid Marian is kidnapped by the henchmen of the Sheriff of Nottingham (Gonzo) while Little John teaches the Merry Men the proper way to cavort. Backstage, Miss Piggy is upset that she doesn't have a part in the play, and all Kermit can offer her is Sister Tuck. Floyd tells Scooter that he is on strike this week as he doesn't agree with the green costumes. Onstage, the Sheriff says he'll torture Marian for the location of Robin's hideout. But he demonstrates all his torture equipment on himself. Just as she escapes from the Sheriff, she's kidnapped again by Piggy's guards and is locked in her dressing room. Piggy takes Lynn's place as Marian, pretending that Lynn has stage fright, but Kermit doesn't buy it and goes to rescue Lynn from the dressing room.
4.01 (73) John Denver September 15, 1979
John and Kermit invite the Muppets on a camping trip to Kermit's home, a weekend in the swamp. Everyone is about to make excuses — but Miss Piggy informs them that they'll all be happy to go, unless they'd rather spend some time in the hospital instead. It turns out Piggy doesn't really understand the concept, and she packs suitcases full of evening dresses and high-heeled shoes. When Kermit tells her that she has to carry everything she packs, she's not sure she wants to go, particularly after the frog taunts them to go back to her home. 
4.06 (74) Linda Lavin September 22, 1979
Miss Piggy announces that this show is Kermit's birthday, and before he can react, she launches into the tribute she's organized. They've planned a This Is Your Life-style show with birthday greetings, including one from Mr. Dawson, Kermit's old acting coach from Leland, Mississippi. Wayne and Wanda, the singing duo from the first season, show up and give Kermit such a guilt trip that he rehires them. When they sing, Kermit remembers why he fired them in the first place, and he does it again. At the end of the show, Kermit admits that it's not his birthday, which is about four months from now. 
4.03 (75) Shields and Yarnell September 29, 1979
Inspired by mimes Shields & Yarnell, Fozzie Bear works on a mime act, including "Bear walking against the wind". Kermit suggests that Fozzie find a more original act, so Fozzie tries out "Bear feeding spaghetti to an elephant" and "Bear going to a drive-in movie with a porcupine". 
4.02 (76) Crystal Gayle October 6, 1979
The Prairie Dog Glee Club sings very well, but Scooter says they have "pack rat blood in 'em — they keep stealing everything!" The prairie dogs go wild, taking everything Kermit has — including his collar, which leaves him naked on stage. The Muppets sing "Swanee" by George Gershwin. 
4.10 (77) Kenny Rogers October 13, 1979
Scooter's uncle sells the mineral rights for Kenny's dressing room to Arabs, who start drilling for oil. Meanwhile, Kermit falls in a trapeze number and hurts his flipper. Later, he's flung from a bed, pushed down the stairs, hit by a light fixture, and shot by a catapult into Statler and Waldorf's box. 
4.07 (78) Dudley Moore October 20, 1979
Dudley tells the Electric Mayhem that he doesn't need them tonight — he's brought a musical robot called M.A.M.M.A., the Music and Mood Management Apparatus. M.A.M.M.A. is a garbage can on wheels, which plays tinny electronic music in any style. The band resents M.A.M.M.A.'s intrusion, and Animal attacks Dudley. Later, Gonzo recites from the works of Percy Bysshe Shelley while — and at the same time — defusing a high-explosive bomb. M.A.M.M.A. wheels up behind him and plays a loud fanfare. Gonzo slips and sets off the bomb, destroying M.A.M.M.A. and half the theater. 
4.08 (79) Arlo Guthrie October 27, 1979
For guest star Arlo Guthrie, the stage is turned into a farmhouse. The Swedish Chef plans a home-cooked meal, but the turkey refuses to be skewered, the pig busts him in the face, and the "beef" stampedes over him. Eventually, the Chef unveils his dinner — vitamin pills. 
4.05 (80) Victor Borge November 3, 1979
Bobby Benson is arrested, and somebody has to take care of his Baby Band. Trying to prove to Kermit that she's mother material, Miss Piggy volunteers to take them. The babies go wild in her dressing room, tearing everything up. 
4.09 (81) Beverly Sills November 10, 1979
The pigs are excited that guest star Beverly Sills plans to perform the opera "Pigoletto" as the closing number. For his work in this episode, art director Malcolm Stone received the first of two Emmy Award nominations for his work on The Muppet Show. 
4.14 (82) Liza Minnelli November 17, 1979
The Muppets present a murder mystery. Kermit is a private eye hired by Liza O'Shaugnessy, an actress whose production is being terrorized by a killer. The director, Fritz (Strangepork), is shot. The police assign Patrolbear Fozzie to the case, and he interrogates the cast: "All right, which one of you killed the director?" The suspects are themselves killed one by one, until Kermit and Liza team up to unmask the true killers — Statler and Waldorf. At the end of the show, Statler and Waldorf are imprisoned in their balcony for twenty years. Statler complains that if he had known the judge would give them the "box," he would have asked for the electric chair... of the electric variety. 
4.11 (83) Lola Falana November 24, 1979
Gonzo the Great plans to quit the show after receiving an offer from a film studio in Bombay. A jealous Miss Piggy asks Gonzo to keep her in mind when talking to producers. Gonzo performs a tearful "I Did It My Way", and then leaves the theater. He ends up coming back — the producers in Bombay thought they were hiring Gonzo the Mediocre — but he has to face his replacement, Trevor the Gross... 
4.12 (84) Phyllis George December 1, 1979
Phyllis hosts the 1st annual Muppet Awards, recognizing the greatest Muppet Show performers. The award, the prestigious "Fred", is actually a bowling trophy. Kermit, who hates awards shows, sits out the show, but Miss Piggy is absolutely determined to win. She's thrilled when she realizes that she appears in both of the sketches nominated for Best Sketch — "Pigs in Space" and "Vet's Hospital" — but the judges decide not to award a "Fred" in that category. Piggy's only other chance for an award is as Performer of the Year — and she's competing against Kermit. 
4.04 (85) Dyan Cannon January 26, 1980
As Miss Piggy prepares for her act, she leaves her dog Foo-Foo in the care of Floyd. Piggy tells Floyd he has to spoon-feed and floss the pampered Foo-Foo, so Floyd locks the dog in a drawer. Frantic, Piggy searches everywhere for Foo-Foo. 
4.18 (86) Christopher Reeve February 2, 1980
Kermit is jealous when Miss Piggy falls for guest star Christopher Reeve. She plans to sing "Never Before, Never Again" for Kermit, but she deliberately smashes Rowlf's hands in the piano, so Chris will have to accompany her. She sings "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" for him. 
4.19 (87) Lynda Carter February 9, 1980
In honor of Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter, Scooter buys a mail-order course on how to be a superhero. Soon a crowd of Muppets are wearing silly costumes and reading Invincibility Made Easy. Meanwhile, Miss Piggy appears as "Wonder Pig" and battles a giant chicken. 
4.17 (88) Cast of Star Wars (Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker) February 16, 1980
Kermit has booked Angus McGonagle, the argyle gargoyle who gargles Gershwin. But at the start of the show, the cast of Star Wars — Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and R2-D2 — smash through the wall, looking for fellow Star Wars character Chewbacca. Kermit is thrilled to have them on his show, until he finds out that they won't actually perform anything. Luke mollifies Kermit by bringing in his "cousin", Mark Hamill — but when Kermit sees Mark sing and dance, he throws him out. Finally, the Star Wars crew hijacks the Swinetrek. With First Mate Piggy subbing in as Princess Leia, they face Dearth Nadir (Gonzo) who is holding Chewbacca prisoner. 
4.13 (89) Dizzy Gillespie February 23, 1980
Statler is sick (of the show), so Waldorf brings his wife, Astoria, to the show. Meanwhile, Inspector LaBrea of the County Environmental Department arrives backstage to monitor the noise level of the show. LaBrea tells Kermit that to keep the noise at a tolerable level, he must remove the trumpets (Gillespie's signature instrument) from the show. Kermit tries to keep LaBrea busy while Dizzy performs. 
4.15 (90) Anne Murray March 1, 1980
Scooter bugs everyone by leaving his skateboard lying around. Kermit trips on it and smashes a set. Later, Anne performs while the Muppets all dance on skateboards. 
4.16 (91) Jonathan Winters March 8, 1980
Jonathan is convinced that a gypsy has put a curse on the show, and while Kermit scoffs at the idea, he does notice that everything is going wrong. A few acts have to be canceled, but Kermit refuses to believe there is a curse until a meteorite falls on his flipper. In the final stage of the curse, everyone begins to speak in mock Swedish. It is revealed that Statler and Waldorf had paid for a half-hour gypsy curse, but they didn't expect it would happen to them. As the curse is lifted, Winters pays the gypsy to keep it going. 
4.22 (92) Andy Williams March 15, 1980
Miss Piggy asks Andy to sing "Love Story" for her and Kermit, who have just become engaged. Unfortunately, Kermit hasn't heard about the engagement yet. The rumor slips out, and soon everyone thinks Kermit and Piggy are getting married. 
4.21 (93) Doug Henning May 3, 1980
Fozzie Bear tries out a magic act, pulling a rabbit from a hat. Instead, he gets a rabbi, and then a robot. He taps the hat too hard, and gets dozens of rabbits, who follow him around and call him "Daddy." At the end of the episode, a bunny appears in Statler and Waldorf Box and uses the Porky Pig reference at the end of Looney Tunes, "*stuttering* That's all, Folks!" To this, Waldorf hits him on the head with a small gavel. 
4.23 (94) Carol Channing May 10, 1980
Miss Piggy buys a cute new pair of shoes, but they're too small, and she can't walk in them. She wants to take them back, but Kermit compliments them, so she has to keep wearing them. She complains to Carol, who says she should have them stretched, and gives them to the gigantic Timmy Monster, who runs around the block in them. 
4.24 (95) Diana Ross May 17, 1980
Statler and Waldorf rate the show like Olympic judges. First, they give Kermit a 2. Then, they give the opening a 3, but the audience demands they bring it down to a zero. All of the Muppets get low scores (though Fozzie's "1" is a compliment by them), and Gonzo even gets a -6. The Muppets think it's just a tough audience, but Diana gets 10's every time which gives her high scores. 
4.20 (96) Alan Arkin May 24, 1980
Alan accidentally drinks Bunsen Honeydew's Jekyll-and-Hyde potion, and turns into a rampaging monster. He runs amok, as the ultra-cute Bun-Bun Brothers sing "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah." When Kermit catches Alan in a net, he turns back into himself. Soon, Kermit takes a sip of the potion himself.
5.04 (97) Shirley Bassey September 20, 1980
Kermit borrows fifty million dollars worth of gold for Shirley's closing number, "Goldfinger". Security guard Bruno is suspicious that Kermit wants to steal the gold, but keeping an eye on the frog makes him overlook both Bunsen Honeydew (who turns one bar into cottage cheese) and ultimately a band of pig thieves, who steal all the gold as Shirley sings. 
5.05 (98) James Coburn September 27, 1980
Animal hits it off with tough guy James Coburn — but James decides that Animal isn't centered enough, and introduces him to meditation and Zen. Animal doesn't take well to Zen. 
5.06 (99) Brooke Shields October 4, 1980
Brooke stars as Alice in the Muppet production of Alice in Wonderland. The onstage zaniness can't match the usual backstage chaos — Fozzie thinks he's going to play the Tin Woodman, and Miss Piggy (scheduled to play the Queen of Hearts) is hoping to take over as Alice. Bunsen's special effects make Brooke too tall to leave her dressing room — and then shrink her so small that no one can find her. Piggy, still hoping for the lead, tries to "accidentally" step on Brooke. Finally, Gonzo as the Mad Hatter heads the Mad Tea Party, which ends with a rousing chorus of "We're Off to See the Wizard." 
5.13 (100) Tony Randall October 11, 1980
Browsing through an old book of magic spells, guest star Tony Randall accidentally turns Miss Piggy into stone. He considers bringing her to a stonemason for help. Fozzie, Gonzo and Floyd crack stone jokes as Kermit and Tony try to find a spell to change her back. Of course, the show must go on, and the Piggy statue takes the stage for "Pigs in Space". At the end of the show, the tables are turned when Tony accidentally does the spell on Kermit. 
5.11 (101) Paul Simon October 18, 1980
Paul inspires Gonzo to be a songwriter. Unfortunately, Gonzo writes songs like "For You": "For youuu... I'd wash my hair with stinky glue, I'd fry my legs and eat them too, I'd put a spider in my shoe — for yoouuuu!" Paul is stunned. Later, Gonzo's chickens run off with Paul, so Gonzo develops a new obsession — asparagus. But at the end of the episode both the chickens and the asparagus run away when Paul asks for chicken with a side of asparagus. 
5.03 (102) Joan Baez October 25, 1980
Rizzo and the other rats bother Kermit for a spot on the show, so Kermit asks Beauregard to "take care of" them. Of course, Beauregard takes that literally, and treats them as guests. They make Beauregard their president, and manipulate him into giving them food. Eventually the rats become so bold that they decide to take over the show. Kermit says Beauregard has to kick them out, or he goes with them. Beauregard chooses to stick with his new rat friends, until Miss Piggy enlightens him. 
5.23 (103) Linda Ronstadt November 1, 1980
Kermit has a crush on Linda, so Miss Piggy locks him in a trunk filled with Gonzo's fungus collection. Linda finds him, and they share a romantic moment, but Piggy locks him up again and drags the trunk onstage during "Pigs in Space". 
5.07 (104) Glenda Jackson November 8, 1980
Glenda reveals herself to be Black Jackson the pirate captain, and she takes over the Muppet Theater with the help of Short John Silver (Sweetums) and Eric, a heartless pirate parrot (in disguise as a penguin). They tie Kermit up, turn the theater into a ship, and cast off to look for buried treasure. The show ends with a musical battle at sea, with Gonzo and a crew of chickens fighting to save Kermit and the theater. 
5.02 (105) Loretta Swit November 15, 1980
Miss Piggy plants a rumor in Tongue Magazine alleging that she and Kermit were secretly married in Las Vegas. Kermit gets so mad that he fires Piggy, and asks Loretta to take her place. Loretta appears in "Veterinarian's Hospital" and "Pigs in Space", where she is a great success. Piggy tries to make a grand, dramatic exit, but she gets so jealous of Loretta that she invades theSwinetrek herself. 
5.14 (106) Mac Davis November 22, 1980
Beaker tests Muppet Labs' new copier machine, ultimately falling into it and getting made into seven copies of himself. The multiple Beakers gang up on Bunsen, and the doctor is forced to wear a disguise and hide from his assistants. 
5.17 (107) Hal Linden November 29, 1980
Statler and Waldorf get their chance to do a better show than Kermit. They play hosts, while Kermit and Fozzie watch from the balcony. Unfortunately, Statler and Waldorf's acts don't turn out exactly as they plan. The Berlin National Opera Company, who were going to perform the first act finale from Siegfried, can't make it on time, so the Salzburg Sauerkraut Singers have been sent instead. Statler and Waldorf didn't agree beforehand on which holiday Hal should do a tribute to, so Hal's Fourth of July number is invaded by Gonzo singing Christmas songs from a chicken-drawn sleigh. Plus, Miss Piggy sings "Just an Old-Fashioned Girl," instead of the star from India, Endura Mahashira. Finally, Statler and Waldorf admit that the show is harder to put together than it looks and happily go back to complaining from the balcony. 
5.10 (108) Jean-Pierre Rampal December 6, 1980
Miss Piggy is cornered by flautist Jean-Pierre, who wants to speak French with her. She claims to have laryngitis, whispering, "My vocal coach told me not to speak French. I'm not even supposed to eat French fries!" 
5.15 (109) Carol Burnett December 13, 1980
Kermit makes the mistake of letting Gonzo run a dance marathon during the show. Carol's songs are interrupted, and she objects to the marathon — especially when Gonzo fixes her up with Animal as her dance partner. Carol threatens to leave in the middle of the show, but Kermit persuades her to stay by promising that she can perform her famous Lonely Asparagus sketch. But Gonzo says the marathon won't be over until all the contestants collapse, so she tires the dancers out by singing "I Was Made for Dancin'". 
5.24 (110) Roger Moore December 20, 1980
Kermit calls the secret service to hire real spies for Roger's closing number. (They're listed in the Yellow Pages.) However, Roger wants to do a cute, cuddly version of "Talk to the Animals". The spies, anxious for a chance to rub out James Bond, pose as fluffy animals to infiltrate the number. 
5.21 (111) Johnny Cash January 17, 1981
In honor of Johnny Cash's appearance, the show is simulcast over country radio station WHOG, and the radio broadcast threatens to overwhelm the actual show. The head of WHOG, Big Tiny Tall Saddle, insists on making all the decisions. He refuses to let Rowlf go on, and instead schedules Grampaw McGuire and his whistling bricks. Kermit tries to run his own show, but Big Tiny is one of the toughest men alive — when he's annoyed, he has a habit of wrapping microphone stands around people's necks. Fozzie is replaced by Big Tiny's nephew, Wally Whoopie, a stand-up comedian who makes fun of the bear — which inspires Kermit to stand up for his friend and his show. 
5.19 (112) Chris Langham January 24, 1981
A messenger brings a message from the scheduled guest star — Benny Brillstein, the Yiddishyodeler. Benny refuses to be on the show, so Kermit asks Chris, the messenger boy, to be the guest. Chris knows a joke, so Kermit introduces him as a comedian. Chris' bizarre acts include owl impersonation and odd magic tricks — "Pick a sausage, any sausage." Finally, doing an escape act in his dressing room, Chris locks himself in a wardrobe and can't get out. He has to do his final number, "Hawaiian Cowboy," from within the wardrobe. 
5.12 (113) Melissa Manchester January 31, 1981
Kermit is plagued by a night of backstage crises. A group of skiers are hurt during the opening number, and after Kermit says that the theater will cover their medical costs, Scooter forgets to cash the check. The Teeterini Family are angry that their teeter board won't fit on the stage. The Swedish Chef prepares spring chicken, and the bouncing chicken drives Kermit crazy. And let's not even talk about the blindfolded, hang-gliding yodelers. 
5.08 (114) Señor Wences and Bruce Schwartz February 7, 1981
In honor of Señor Wences and his puppets, Kermit decides to do something new: a puppet show. Fozzie wants to do a marionette act with a Dancing Clown puppet, but the marionette eventually pulls Fozzie down on the stage with him and takes control of the strings himself. 
5.09 (115) Debbie Harry February 14, 1981
Robin's Frog Scout troop visits the show, getting in everyone's way backstage. They ask Debbie for help earning their punk merit badges, and she teaches them how to do the pogo. When Gonzo cancels his act, the Frog Scouts get their chance to do a performance of close-order drills. 
5.01 (116) Gene Kelly February 21, 1981
Gene Kelly is under the impression that he's a "guest" — that is, he's going to sit and watch, but not perform onstage. Frantic, Kermit tricks him into performing by asking him to give him a dance lesson on-stage. Kermit plans a surprise closing number, "Singin' in the Rain," Gene refuses, saying that he doesn't think he'll ever sing the song as well as he did in the movie, but he does eventually sing it backstage. Meanwhile, Scooter uses his tarot cards to predict that the apocalypse is near. Beauregard believes him, and tries to convince the rest of the cast. 
5.16 (117) Gladys Knight May 2, 1981
The theater's roof has rotted, and the workmen have to take it to the shop to fix it. Performing without a roof, the Muppets have to go on despite snow, fog, hail and high winds. At the end of the show, Statler and Waldorf are shown wearing snow hats and scarves while shivering their bones off from the snow. Waldorf complains that they would get pneumonia, but Statler says that this show always makes them sick. 
5.20 (118) Wally Boag May 9, 1981
In honor of vaudeville-influenced guest star Wally Boag, the Muppets salute vaudeville, with a balloon animal act, a bagpipe player and a hypnotist. Wally performs acts he made famous at the Golden Horseshoe Revue at Disneyland, including the Pecos Bill teeth-spitting sketch. 
5.22 (119) Buddy Rich May 16, 1981
Thanks to Gonzo's air-conditioned mildew collection, the power goes out in the theater, and Beauregard almost electrocutes himself trying to fix it. Half of the acts have to perform in the dark, until Dr. Bunsen Honeydew hooks up a generator that runs on Beaker-power. Beaker runs on a huge wheel to generate power, and when he gets tired, Bunsen helps to motivate him by releasing a hungry tiger onto the wheel. 
5.18 (120) Marty Feldman with Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, Grover, Count von Count, Elmo and the rest of the Muppets May 23, 1981
The Muppets present their version of 1001 Arabian Nights, with guest star Marty Feldman playing the role of Scheherazade, telling tales to an evil Caliph (played by the Swedish Chef). 

The Muppet TelethonEdit

No. Guest Star Initial airing
0.00 Jack Black November 23, 2011

Backstage: The Muppets try to raise ten million dollars to save the Muppet Studio, Theater, and their name. Gonzo the Great: Head Bowling with Jack Black. Fozzie's Act: Fozzie tells bad jokes and tortures Jack Black. The Muppet Barber Shop Quartet: The Muppet Barber Shop Quartet does its own rendition of Smells Like Teen Spirit, while cutting Jack Black's hair and shrinking his head. Camilla and Friends: The Chickens sing the song Forget You. Song: Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the rest sing Rainbow Connection.

Walter's Act: "The Whistling Caruso" 

The Episodes Are Going To Be Followed In Every Kids World's Adventures Movie By 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount


  • Tai, Dennis The Menace, the Penguins of Madagascar (Skipper, Kolwalski, Rico, and Private), SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Iago, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michaelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Billy, Kimberly), Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Chanticleer, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Togepi, Brock and the Pokemon gang, Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, Kovu, Kiara, Ma, Uncle Max, Rafiki, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Guido, Grandpa Longneck, Grandma Longneck and the Land Before Time Gang, SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Sandy Cheeks, Eugene Krabs and the gang, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Jean-Bob, Speed, Puffin, Terk, Tantor, Louis, Ray the Firefly, Genie, Iago, Sebastian, Baloo, Bagheera, King Louie, the Vultures, Jiminy Cricket, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Kenai, Koda, Rutt and Tuke, Fu Dog, Roger Rabbit, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Charlie Barkin, Itchy Itchiford, Jack Skellington, Chanticleer, Owen, Izzy, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus, Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, the Powerpuff Girls (Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup), the Rugrats Gang, Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Alvin, Brittany, Bobby, Cindy, Oliver, Freddie Benson, Spencer Shay, Gibby, Popeye, Olive Oyl, Popeye's Nephews (Peepeye, Poopeye, Pipeye, and eakey, Jumba, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, SoPupeye), Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, Launchpad McQuack, Chip and Dale, Lilo, Stitch, Plnic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Team Chaotix (Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy the Bee), Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Spyro the Dragon, Sparx the Dragonfly, Banjo and Kazooie, Barney the Dinosaur and the gang, Baby Bop, BJ, Riff, The Griffins (Peter, Lois, Chirs, Meg, Brian, and Stewie), Pocahontas, Meeko, Flit, Princess Aurora, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Terrence, Fawn, Rosetta, Silvermist, Iridessa, Vidia, Alice, Hercules, Phlioctetes, Pegasus, Phineas and Ferb, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, The Penguins of Madagscar (Skipper, Kolwalski, Rico, and Private), King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Taran, Princess Eilonwy, Fflewddur Fflam, Gurgi, Jesse Greenwood, Elvis, Randolph Johnson, Nadine, The Goonies (Mikey Walsh, Brand Walsh, Mouth Devereaux, Data Wang, Chunk Cohen, Andy Carmichael, Stef Steinbrenner, and Sloth Fratelli), Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Abu, Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, Snagglepuss, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, Wally Gator, Magilla Gorilla, Top Cat, Peter Potamus, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Webby, Tom, Huckleberry, Becky, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Woody Woodpecker, Ttark, Rex, Woog, Elsa, Dweeb, Fievel Mousekewitz, Tiger, Tony Toponi, Tanya Mousekewitz, Yasha Mousekewitz, Papa Mousekewitz, Mama Mousekewitz and Kids World's Adventures, and the characters will guest star in every episode of the series.

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