Kids World's Adventures of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Kids World's Adventures of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Kids World's Adventures of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is the Kids World's Adventures TV series planned by 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount Productions. It's unknown if the show will be shown on YouTube in the near future.

List of episodesEdit


Episode # # in Season Episode Name Original U.S. Air Date Production Code Summary
1 1 The First Day & Lockers September 12, 2004 100 Moze wants to take a different elective than the guys to make new girl friends, but Ned refuses to let it happen; Cookie wears a heavy winter coat on the first day.

Ned gets a locker next to Timmy Toot-Toot and searches for a new one; Moze competes with Suzie to have the best locker in the school; Cookie's locker is far away from gym class and must go to great lengths to avoid being late.

2 2 Bathrooms & Project Partners September 19, 2004 102 Ned tries to find the girl who kissed his name on the "hottie list" in the girl's bathroom; The Huge Crew takes over the girl's bathroom; Cookie accidentally runs into the girl's bathroom.

Moze chooses Seth to be her project partner, but Seth refuses to do work; Loomer steals Ned and Cookie's baby for life science class.

3 3 Teachers & Detentions September 26, 2004 103 Moze's math class goes wild when they get a student teacher prompting her to help him.

Cookie, Ned and Moze all get detention from throwing a paper airplane on accident, where they are at risk from older students.

4 4 Seating & Tryouts October 3, 2004 104 Ned tries to sit at the cool table at lunch; Moze sits up front, and does well in class; Cookie devises a plan to get the biggest bounce on the back seat of the bus.

Ned tries out for basketball; Moze tries out for everything to compete with Suzie; Cookie tries out for cheerleading.

5 5 Crushes & Dances October 10, 2004 105 Ned tries to ask Suzie to the dance; Moze avoids Coconut Head, who she thinks wants to ask her to the dance; Cookie creates a perfect match program, but he can't get it to match him with the girl he wants.

Ned plans to dance with Suzie Crabgrass but is blocked by her relationship with Seth; Cookie gets a supermodel to come to the dance, but their time is interrupted by a Siberian Husky.

6 6 Sick Days & Spelling Bees October 17, 2004 106 Ned must avoid getting sick when a special guest (and his hero) visits the school; Moze tries to get sick to get out of speaking to the class; Cookie avoids being caught by the nurse to keep his perfect attendance record.

Ned tries to help Cookie win a spelling bee to stop the 'Killer Bees', a trio of students bent on winning.

7 7 Rumors & Photo Days November 7, 2004 107 A rumor spreads that Ned and Moze are dating; Cookie and Gordy attempt to pull off the "Atomic Flush."

Ned helps Moze learn how to smile for her school photo; Cookie looks for someone to take his perfect photo.

8 8 Talent Shows & Elections November 28, 2004 108 Ned, Moze, and Cookie organize an alternative talent show that is not boring.

Ned is nominated for president.

9 9 Computer Labs & Backpacks January 2, 2005 109 Ned and Moze attempt to finish their class projects, but their roughhousing gets them banned from the computer lab; Cookie's computer system breaks down and he lives life without computers.

Ned gets a new backpack from Backpack Boy; Moze desperately looks for her backpack, which has her diary in it; Cookie invents the "body pack."

10 10 Notes & Best Friends January 9, 2005 110 Ned gets caught passing notes in class by Bitsy.

Ned and Cookie's friendship falters when Cookie joins the Killer Bees; Moze tries to make friends with the Huge Crew.

11 11 Daydreaming & Gym February 5, 2005 111 Ned daydreams for the answer to a science riddle.

Moze and Ned face off in martial arts class; Cookie refuses to get sweaty, so he gets Seth to do his work for him.

12 12 Cheaters & Bullies February 12, 2005 112 Ned must cram for the biggest test of the year; Moze tries to stop Bitsy from cheating on her; Cookie is forced to take a test without technology.

Ned and Cookie get bullied by Loomer, so they try to get him kicked out of school; Moze starts a peer mediation program.

13 13 Emergency Drills & The Late Bus February 19, 2005 113 Emergency drills interfere with Ned's attempts to ask Suzie out; Moze is worried about a pimple on her face; Cookie digs a series of tunnels to get out faster.

Ned, Moze, and Cookie's bus is late; Ned tries to help Loomer ask Moze out; Moze makes friends with another girl named Jennifer; Cookie gives a tour of the school.

14 1 New Semester & Electives October 1, 2005 201 Ned enlists Moze's help to break up Suzie and Loomer; Cookie becomes a completely different person.

Ned, Moze and Cookie try to get a class together.

15 2 Pep Rallies & Lunch October 8, 2005 202 Ned tries to get people excited for the pep rally; Moze must give a speech at the pep rally; Cookie prepares to do a stunt.

Ned tries to thwart One Bite, who takes one huge bite out of everyone's lunches; Moze wonders why Suzie won't sit with her at lunch; Cookie becomes paranoid after the lunch lady predicts that he will be crushed, mashed, and black-eyed.

16 3 School Clubs & Video Projects October 15, 2005 203 Ned is determined to shut down the "Missy's Declassified School Survival Manual Club;" Moze and Suzie compete to be the best in every club; Cookie starts an archaeology club.

Ned and Cookie team up for a video project; Moze films a documentary on Mr. Wright; Martin Qwerly becomes the laughing stock of the school.

17 4 Notebooks & Math October 22, 2005 204 Ned steals Sweeney's "golden notebook" to help him study for a test; Moze finds a notebook full of rumors, and Suzie is believed to have written it; Cookie starts recording video instead of taking notes.

Ned starts a math-study group to avoid his fear of math; Moze gets math anxiety; Cookie moves up to 8th grade math, but finds it not fun; Gordy tries to catch the Weasel without math and turns into a caveman.

18 5 Vice Principals & Mondays November 5, 2005 205 An electric sander is found destroyed in wood shop, leading to the introduction of Vice Principal Crubbs.

Ned and Moze try to come up with ideas to beat the Monday morning blues; Cookie must help Gordy stay awake on Monday.

19 6 Your Body & Procrastination November 12, 2005 206 Ned sets out to increase his strength; Moze worries that she is too tall.

Moze bets Ned that he will never finish his project on time; Cookie invents a reminder system, which Lisa Zemo hacks into.

20 7 Gross Biology Dissection & Upperclassmen November 19, 2005 207 Ned is torn between Moze and Suzie during a biology dissection project.

Ned offers to give a 5th grader a tour of the school, with some difficulties; Moze gets the attention of an 8th grader, Jack Goldman; Cookie must pretend that he is in 8th grade for Vanessa, a girl he likes.

21 8 Dares & Bad Habits January 14, 2006 208 Classmates dare Ned to ask out Missy; Moze must wear a dress as part of a dare and meets 3 girls she supects are robots; Cookie competes with Loomer to be the "King of Dares."

Ned tries to fix his bad habit of saying yes to everything; Moze tries to fix her trash-talking potty mouth; Cookie tries to replace his packrat habit with something else.

22 9 Substitute Teachers & The New Kid January 21, 2006 209 Ned helps his favorite substitute teacher connect with the students; Moze tricks her substitutes into doing things that were not intended by the teacher; Cookie becomes a substitute teacher.

Ned tries to help a new girl adapt to the school; Cookie acts like a British man when he moves to 8th grade English.

23 10 Valentine's Day & School Websites February 11, 2006 210 Ned sends the Huge Crew a love letter meant for Suzie; Moze gets the most roses and is dubbed "The Hottest Girl in School;" Cookie sends himself roses to get the most.

Ned, Moze and Cookie make changes to the school Web site, but problems arise.

24 11 Shyness & Nicknames February 25, 2006 211 Ned and Moze try to befriend the Oboe twins; Cookie starts a shyness seminar.

Ned tries to create a cool nickname for himself; Moze tries to get rid of her nickname; Cookie creates a nickname genereator, which Loomer uses to pick on people.

25 12 Asking Someone Out & Recycling March 18, 2006 212 Ned tries to find out if Suzie will go on a date with him; Moze attempts to ask Seth out; Cookie helps Xavier ask Gordy out.

Ned, Moze and Cookie compete to collect the most recyclabes; Ned loses the guide in the process; Cookie strings bottles together and is considered an artist.

26 13 April Fools' Day & Excuses April 1, 2006 213 Ned, Cookie and Gordy team up for an April Fools' Day prank.

A dog eats Ned's homework, but he needs a better excuse.

27 14 Secrets & School Car Wash April 8, 2006 214 Ned and Cookie catch Loomer kissing Missy.

The boys and girls compete in a car wash fundraiser.

28 15 Spirit Week & Clothes April 22, 2006 215 Ned battles for the position of Spirit Week King to go on a date with Suzie; Cookie gets the spirit stick and tries to hand it off to Moze.

Ned tries to find the right clothes; Moze attempts to be fashionable after she gets a ticket from Missy's "Fashion Police;" Cookie and Crony design "The Ultimate School Uniform."

29 16 Yearbook & Career Week April 29, 2006 216 Ned wants to be next to Suzie in the best of section in the year; Moze tries to improve the yearbook; Cookie puts himself in many group yearbook photos.

Vice Principal Crubbs wants Ned to pursue a career as a vice principal; Cookie becomes Moze's manager.

30 17 Music Class & Class Clown May 6, 2006 217 Ned wants to be a rock star instead of being in music class; Moze gets Mozart stuck in her head; Cookie must play an instrument that is not a computer.

The class clown moves out of town, which causes the teachers to give more quizzes and the students to find a new class clown. Note: This is the only Ned's Declassified: School Survival Guide episode that is not on Netflix or the iTunes Store.

31 18 Failing & Tutors May 13, 2006 218 Ned must do well on all of his final exams, but is currently predicted to fail; Moze overreacts to one F; Cookie tries to fail in order to not skip 8th grade.

Ned struggles to find a tutor to avoid summer school; Moze tutors 6th graders, but they all find her attractive; Cookie must work with Timmy Toot-toot on a project.

32 19 Science Fair & Study Hall May 27, 2006 219 Ned enlists Moze's help to win a ribbon in the science fair; Cookie attempts to impress Vanessa and her grandmother.

Ned tries to study for a test; Moze gets injured, and nobody will sit next to her; Cookie tries to sneak out of study hall.

33 20 Double Dating & The Last Day of School June 3, 2006 220 Ned and Suzie go on a double date with Moze and Jack Goldman, but Ned kisses Moze on accident; Cookie agrees to take Vanessa and Lisa Zemo to the dance.

Ned and Moze are afraid to break the news to Suzie that they kissed; Cookie's robot goes on a rampage.

34 1 A New Grade & Dodgeball September 24, 2006 301 Ned becomes feared after he accidentally punches Loomer; Moze attempts to make friends with the new iTeacher; Cookie helps Gordy onto the school's WiFi.

Ned is made captain of a dodgeball team; Moze refuses to play after she thinks she hurt Coconut Head; Cookie joins Loomer's team.

35 2 Reading & Principals October 1, 2006 302 Ned struggles to read a sophisticated book; Moze tries starting a book club which Cookie attempts to get into.

Crubbs stops all other interviews so he can become the new principal.

36 3 Popularity & Stress October 15, 2006 303 A new popularity list is posted; Missy "helps" Ned become popular so that he can ask Suzie out; Moze is in the top 10, but she does not like it; Cookie tries to find the list maker so that he can be made more popular.

Ned becomes stressed about Suzie's new "boyfriend;" Moze becomes stressed that she will end up like iTeacher; Cookie competes with Evelyn Kwan for the best test grade.

37 4 Dismissal & The School Play"" October 22, 2006 304 Ned struggles to remember what he needs before he leaves school at the end of the day while Moze is unable to use the toilet; Ned tries to stop the school play to stop Suzie kissing Spencer.
38 5 “Guide to: Halloween and Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves & Zombies” October 29, 2006 305 A Halloween setup kills Polk's principal; Polk becomes a Halloween nightmare, where Ned is a vampire, Cookie is a werewolf and Moze is a ghost.
39 6 “Guide to: Art Class and Lost and Found” November 5, 2006 306 Ned draws an abstract piece of art which everyone else sees as a 'naked lady'; Ned finds some sneakers in lost property but is unable to claim them before the end of the day.
40 7 “Guide to: Social Studies and Embarrassment” November 12, 2006 307 Cookie tries grabbing a date with Lisa Zemo by winning the prize for best social studies project, but has a less desirable project partner; Ned suffers some embarrassing situations like burping while Moze tries to get a date with Faymen, but embarrasses herself.
41 8 “Guide to: The Bus and Bad Hair Days” November 26, 2006 308 Ned needs to get to school to stop Suzie from reading a note he wrote as Cookie misses the bus; Moze finds various methods of dealing with her hair so she can connect with Faymen.
42 9 “Guide to: Revenge and School Records” January 15, 2007 309 Ned becomes the 'Revenger' as Moze has friction with a new player on the Volleyball team; Ned tries to erase his school record.
43 10 “Guide to: The Library and Volunteering” January 27, 2007 310 Ned and Cookie solve the mystery of their overdue library books; the trio find new ways of volunteering, resulting in more competition for Cookie and Evelyn.
44 11 “Guide to: Hallways and Friends Moving” February 3, 2007 311 Cookie becomes the "Hallway Traffic Man" while Moze uses Hallway time to talk to Faymen; Cookie convinces everyone he is leaving Polk.
45 12 “Guide to: Boys and Girls" February 10, 2007 312 Ned becomes depressed with Suzie's departure from Polk; Loomer falls in love with Cookie's alter ego while Ned looks for another girl to take his mind off Suzie.
46 13 “Guide to: Cell Phones and Woodshop” February 17, 2007 313 Cookie hides in the bathroom with enough cell phones to guarantee a new car in a competition hosted on the radio; Cookie unwittingly sets loose a saw with an evil consciousness.
47 14 “Guide to: Getting Organized and Extra Credit” February 24, 2007 314 Ned's disorganisation becomes a problem for Mr Sweeney; Ned devises a plan to get extra credit in four subjects in one project while Moze becomes obsessed with her volcano.
48 15 “Guide to: Fundraising and Competition” March 10, 2007 315 Ned and Cookie need to raise money for gym equipment; Missy and Ned team up against the rest of the class to win a competition.
49 16 “Guide to: Making New Friends and Positives and Negatives” April 7, 2007 316 Ned and Cookie are forced to become friends with Faymen; Ned becomes victim to Loomer's new knowledge on static electricity while Moze is unable to enjoy her kiss with Faymen.
50 17 “Guide to: Money and Parties” April 7, 2007 317 The trio need to raise money for a music festival; Seth hosts a party, to which Cookie is not invited.
51 18 “Guide to: Spring Fever and School Newspaper” May 5, 2007 318 Spring comes to Polk, but Crubbs has the school in lockdown, letting no one outside; Cookie uses the school newspaper's horoscope to his advantage.
52 19 “Guide to: Health and Jealousy” May 14, 2007 319 Ned suffers from an itch, Cookie suffers from mood swings, and Moze cleans up the school's health dummy; Moze pretends to date Ned to allow him freedom from Missy, but has three other men fighting for her.
53 20 “Guide to: Tests and When You Like Someone Who Is Going Out With Someone Else” June 4, 2007 320 Ned struggles to study for three tests all happening on the same day; Moze struggles to choose between Ned and Faymen, but she isn't the only person with a choice.
54–55 21–22 “Guide to: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs and Weasels” (Series finale/1st /only TV movie) June 8, 2007 321–322 The series finale begins follows a school trip, where Ned becomes the infamous Wild Boy when all he wants is a kiss from Suzie (or so he says), and Cookie becomes a masked vigilante to win the heart of Lisa Zemo.

The Episodes Are Going To Be Followed In Every Kids World's Adventures Movie By 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount Productions


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