Image 1: Chris Finch in the center along with Christina Gibbons, Ann Gibbons, and Heather Green going on a "Sea Cruise".

Image 2: Alanna Mulhern deciding to be a teacher when she grows up.

Images 3-4: A little girl (image 3) claps her hands in to the beat as Kristy Espinoza and Coleman Saucier (image 4) chant to "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe".

Image 5 : Kristy Espinoza, Alanna Mulhern, and another girl going for the "School Days".

Images 6-7: Kristy Espinoza and Alanna Mulhern (image 6) along with Ryan Dorin and David Chan (image 7) singing "The Alphabet Song".

Image 8: David Chan decides to be a candyman when he grows up with 3 Girls (crossover).

Image 9: Kiki Scott decides to be a doctor when she grows up with Min, Shawn, Kathy and Carlos (crossover).

Images 10-11: Tina Marie Espinoza decides to be a police officer when she grows up.

Image 12: Tina Marie Espinoza, Alanna Mulhern, Ashande Gravenberg, and Kristy Espinoza singing "Mr. Policeman".

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