Kids World's Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

Kids World's Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

Kids World's Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland is another Kids World crossover that will be made by 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount. It is unknown when to appear on YouTube in the future.


In the second Sesame Street theatrical film, fourteen years after Follow That Bird, Elmo spends time with his favorite blanket. When Zoe wants to play with it, Elmo doesn't want to share it, resulting in a tug-of-war leading to Telly Monster accidentally taking it away while rollerskating uncontrollably. Oscar the Grouch ends up catching it, sneezes on it, and throws it into his trash can. Since Oscar wasn't in his trash can when Elmo finds out, he goes into the trash can, where he finds his blanket, but Elmo and his blanket soon fall through a tunnel (which Oscar ends up witnessing and only says, "Have a nice trip! Heh heh!!"). Elmo winds up in Grouchland USA, a world filed with Grouches. The evil Huxley then arrives to take the various belongings, and tries to takes Elmo's blanket as well, but sharkboy and lavagirl to destroy the huxocopter. Elmo meets a Grouch girl named Grizzy, who shows Elmo where Huxley's castle is, and Elmo sets off to get back his blanket. Meanwhile, Oscar tells the gang that Elmo went into Grouchland, and they all go in search of Elmo. Once in Grouchland, however, they get arrested and thrown in jail since it's against the law to ask a policeman for help in Grouchland. Huxley is aware that Elmo is in search of his blanket, and has his henchmen, Bug and the Pesties, stop Elmo from getting back his blanket. They trick Elmo into going into a shortcut, which leads to the palace of The Queen of Trash. There, when she learns that he's going to Huxley's castle and is believed to be one of Huxley's spies, she has Elmo take the ultimate challenge: blow her 100 raspberries in 30 seconds, which Elmo succeeds with help from the audience. When Elmo gets closer, Huxley gets a giant chicken tries to stop Elmo. kids worlds adventures team use their gadgets, equipments, gizmos, powers and abilities, weapons, vehicles, attacks, wishes, techniques, items, elemental powers, and grim downfall's combos to tear humongous chicken and huxley's castle apart, Elmo is about to give up, until a caterpillar encourages him to keep trying. Back at the jail, Grizzy sneaks in to tell Elmo's friends that Elmo is on his way, after Huxley's castle destroyed. Oscar, admitting that Elmo is his friend, decides to yell out to the Grouches outside that, although Grouches hate working together, they must take a stand. The other Grouches agree, and they get let out of jail to team up and stop Huxley from stealing any more of their stuff. Elmo and the others soon show up and confront Huxley, but Huxley decides tries to take Elmo's blanket away. Bug soon gets hold of the blanket, and tells Huxley that he's going to give it to Elmo, breaking off his friendship with Huxley. Back at Sesame Street, Elmo decides to share his blanket with Zoe.

Memorable QuotesEdit


kids worlds adventures team used their gadget and equipment and gizmos and powers and abilities and weapons and vehicles and attacks and wishes and technique and items and elemental powers and grim downfall's combos to destroy huxley, the pesties and the bill the bug, ''no stop'' said huxley ''no!! noooooo!!! nooooooo!!!!'' but the heroes fires at huxley lair, when suddenly huxley lair hit the ground inspector gadget says "hold your right, alltogether!" but heroes and superheroes fires at pesties and bill the bug, and destroy the evil lair

List of Gadgets and rex salazar's machines and equipments and gizmos and powers and abilities and weapons and vehicles and attacks and wishes and techniques and items and elemental powers and grim downfall's combosEdit

  • binoculars
  • 'brella
  • coat
  • copter
  • cuffs
  • hands
  • camera
  • motorized fan
  • spotlight
  • other useful things
  • gadzooka
  • gadget mobile
  • jetpack
  • magnifying glass
  • hat tipper
  • boxing glove
  • waterproof chromomatic watch
  • pillow fluffer
  • monkey catcher
  • bouquet
  • hair dryer
  • apple picker
  • jack hammer
  • interrogation light
  • gas mask
  • spare gadget telephone
  • G portal
  • dog bone
  • scissors
  • megaphone
  • top-secret gadget phone
  • legs/arms/neck
  • skates
  • springs
  • oil slick
  • bubble gum
  • grappling hook
  • zip line
  • suction shoes
  • flower
  • ears
  • lanyard
  • flaps
  • hat doff
  • periscope
  • tie
  • tool kit
  • gumball machine
  • tennis racket
  • record player
  • watch repair kit
  • iron
  • oversized golf club
  • magnets
  • mallet
  • parachute
  • respirator
  • refridge-a-gadget
  • siren
  • tea
  • razor
  • water hose
  • search light
  • detention procedure
  • defense procedure
  • net
  • heel boosters
  • skis
  • teeth
  • snow sail
  • wind sail
  • radar
  • eyeballs
  • pulley
  • finger gadgets
  • mattress
  • anvil
  • clippers
  • extra hands
  • anti smear gas
  • scooter
  • bola
  • lasso
  • smack hands
  • combat drill
  • boogie pack
  • slam cannon
  • rex ride
  • punk busters
  • big fat sword
  • battle saw
  • blast caster
  • funchucks
  • bad axes
  • block party
  • sky slyder
  • power fists
  • hyper fists
  • blast launcher
  • alien excalibur


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