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The wiki is about The Kids World's Adventures series on YouTube, Google Drive, and DivX Channel from deviantART, DivX, 20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount Productions and A Daybreak Pacific Films Company. So Sit Down, Grab Some Food, Drinks, Popcorn, Honey and enjoy the movies as Ryan Mitchell and the rest of the gang as they travel to many new places, meeting new and old friends, new and old heroes, new and old characters, and fighting against the forces of evil. Kids FOR THE WIN! Kids shows are awesome than adult shows.


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Hello kids, SuperAwesomeKid101 here! If you click the "Talk" button you'll see that I've been planning to add 2 shows to this wiki. But, however, no one else has been on the wiki for 4 days! But please respond to my blog!



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. DivX has officially joined the KWA crew at 7:23 PM EDT! 7/25/2016 9:22 PM EDT Edit

Kids World&#039;s Adventures Series

Kids World's Adventures Series


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