Keesha was a character that appeared from Season 4-6. She was portrayed by Mera Baker.

Appearances Edit

  1. Barney's Adventure Bus (first appearance)
  2. Tick Tock Clocks!
  3. Let's Build Together
  4. Play Ball!
  5. Going on a Bear Hunt
  6. Once a Pond a Time
  7. Barney in Outer Space
  8. Barney's Halloween Party
  9. Trading Places
  10. Circle of Friends
  11. The One and Only You (2 cameos)
  12. Barney's Band
  13. Howdy, Friends!
  14. Hidden Treasures
  15. First Things First!
  16. Easy Does It!
  17. A Very Special Mouse
  18. Sing and Dance with Barney
  19. What a World We Share
  20. What a World We Share USA
  21. Barney's Night Before Christmas
  22. Stick with Imagination!
  23. Snack Time!
  24. A Sunny, Snowy Day
  25. You've Got to Have Art
  26. Five Kinds of Fun!
  27. Barney's Rhyme Time Rhythm
  28. Brushing Up on Teeth
  29. A "Little" Mother Goose
  30. You Can Do It!
  31. Ready, Set, Go!
  32. Be My Valentine, Love Barney
  33. Barney's Beach Party
  34. Round and Round We Go 
  35. Round and Round We Go USA
  36. Round and Round We Go Version (last appearance)

Howdy, Friends wearing Edit

In Howdy, Friends!, he wears a hat, a red western shirt, a black couplet (not a bandanna), jeans, black chaps, and boots.

Gallery Edit