Fagin, the dark spawn bird.

Fagin, the dark spawn bird.

Fagin was once a mortal bird till he was defeated by two sparrows, two mice, and betrayed by his own enslaved dove, which led him to be burning to death.......or so it seemed. As it turns out, Fagin's soul was recovered, and his body revived by Malefor and the dark spawn lords, and declared him the bird of the dark spawn of sorrow and the eater of saddness and depression, which means that he'll be able to summon Dark spawn warriors, heartless, and even the nobodies. This gift made it's first appearance in Spongebob and friends meet Lilo and Stitch. Why Malefor inducted Fagin to the Dark Spawn lords is because Fagin was extremely vicious and wicked in life, which makes him a prime target to be a Dark Spawn lord. He's also Malefor's pet as a result.

Fagin first appeared in Spongebob and friends in cat's don't dance as he was feasting on sadness and depression from his broken hearted victims, even that of Sawyer. The dark reason why he was doing so was for his personal entertainment. But thanks to the spunkiness of Danny, and the shell louge squad, he was defeated and banished from hollywood (the Hyenas gaved him the birdy boiler treatment).

It may be possable that he'll return again to wreak his horrable vengeance. (He did appear again, but it was a cameo in Kids World's Adventures of The Black Cauldron. he returns again but only in a side story in Ryan, Winnie The Pooh & The Gang Meet Lilo & Stitch)

His partner in crime (in his opinion, a protege') was Ratigan, his soul slave because Fagin revived Ratigan with dark spawn magic, which makes Ratigan Fagin's enternal slave. Fagin often gloats that he has a higher evil status (which he does, he is a dark spawn villain) over Ratigan. But Ratigan does have his new position as Air Marshal of KOMPLEX's forces due to the orginal air marshal's death. however, whether Fagin will learn of this or will even treat Ratigan better if he does is currently uncerten.

Fagin comes from the movie War of the Birds, a danish, graphic, animated film.

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