Curtis was a character that appeared from Season 4-6. He was portrayed by Monté Black

About Curtis Edit

  • Family: Lives with mother, father, and a little brother. 
  • Hobbies: Loves to read books, act, and play baseball. Is on a baseball team with Chip. 
  • Favorite Color: Green

Appearances Edit

  1. A Picture of Health
  2. A Different Kind of Mystery
  3. Tree-Mendous Trees
  4. Easy, Breezy Day!
  5. Once a Pond a Time
  6. Books Are Fun!
  7. The One and Only You
  8. Colors All Around
  9. Hidden Treasures
  10. First Things First!
  11. It's a Rainy Day!
  12. What's in a Name?
  13. It's Time for Counting
  14. Barney's Halloween Party
  15. Walk Around the Block with Barney
  16. and lots more!

Trivia Edit

  • Curtis appeared with Alissa.
  • He was the only kid to appear in the least home videos.