Carface, the archenemy of Charlie and Itchy until reformed in the end of An All Dogs Christmas Carol.

Carface is the main villain of Kids World's Adventures of All Dogs Go to Heaven. He was the former partner of Charlie, whom he framed for a crime that the good dog did not commit. When Charlie escaped from prison, Carface executed the traitor and sent him to heaven, only for Charlie to return with a ticking life watch in tow. Throughout the movie, Carface tried to get back a little girl named Anne Marie, who was his animal adviser in training, and whom Charlie had rescued in order to make his own money. In the end of the movie, Carface was killed by being eaten by an anonymous alligator named King Gator from the sewers and ended up in heaven with less IQ than before. The sequel kept his now low intelligence as he was now the dragon to Red, the dragon-like monster from the first movie's dream sequence, now in cat form, who plotted to steal Gabriel's horn in order to take over the world. Again, Carface was defeated, although this time his newfound stupidity had cost him his soul as he was sent screaming into Hell. Later at Christmas, Carface and Killer had been Reformed in the end.


  • Carface's sidekick is Killer.
  • Carface and Killer will get revenge on Littlefoot and the gang in Kids World crossovers, The Swan PrincessWho Framed Roger RabbitMadagascar: Escape 2 AfricaThe Princess and the FrogThe Secret of NIMH, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, and lots more.