Captain Hook

Captain Hook

Captain Hook is an evil pirate who was the main villain in Ryan, Winnie the Pooh & The Gang Meets Peter Pan. He plotted to kill Peter Pan after losing his hand to the crocodile by Pan's tricks. His plan backfired when Peter, the lost boys, and Ryan, Pooh and the characters fought and he and was chased away into the distance with the snapping croc at his heels. Hook returned in Ryan, Winnie the Pooh & The Gang vs. Hook where he teamed up with the Bowser Family to not only kidnap Christopher Robin, but also kidnapped Peter's children. Peter, the lost boys, and Ryan, Pooh and the characters soon fought him and the Bowser family. Hook was defeated again by getting eaten by the Crocodile that he made a clock out of.


  • Captain Hook returned in Kids World's Adventures Series.


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