Bang Your Drum Loudly (Let's Make Music) is a Season 4 episode from Kids World's Adventures of The Kidsongs Television Show which was aired on YouTube.

Plot Edit

The Kidsongs Kids and Kids World's Adventures Team decide to do an assignment on drums. Mimi interviews world famous percussionist, Sheila E., and she teaches the crew about the diiferent kinds of drums played all over the world.

Song Edit

  • "Come on and Conga" (I Can Dance) (crossover)
  • "Mexican Hat Dance" (I Can Dance) (crossover)
  • "Candy Man" (What I Want to Be) (crossover)
  • "The Yellow Rose of Texas" (I Can Dance) (crossover)
  • "Waltzing Maltida" (I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing) (crossover)
  • "Footloose" (Let's Play Ball) (crossover)
  • "La Bamba" (I Can Bop with the Biggles) (crossover) (sung by Ruby & Billy Biggle, the hosts, Kids World's Adventures Team and the crew)
  • "Join the Band" (Play Along Songs) (crossover)

Gallery Edit

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