Ashley Pibbin was a character who appeared in Season 3-6. She is portrayed by Monet Chandler.

About Ashley Edit

  • Family: Lives with her mom and twin sister: Alissa. Has an Aunt Rachel, who appeared along with her mom in Aunt Rachel Is Here!. 
  • Is allergic to milk, but loves apple juice. 

Appearances Edit

  1. Twice Is Nice!
  2. First Day of School
  3. We've Got Rhythm
  4. Waiting for Mr. MacRooney
  5. It's Tradition
  6. A Different Kind of Mystery
  7. Let's Eat
  8. Easy, Breezy Day!
  9. Oh, Brother...She's My Sister
  10. Books Are Fun!
  11. Circle of Friends
  12. Barney's Band
  13. A Royal Welcome
  14. Aunt Rachel Is Here!
  15. A Package of Friendship
  16. Barney's Talent Show
  17. Barney's Good Day, Good Night
  18. It's Time for Counting
  19. Barney's Halloween Party (cameo)
  20. Walk Around the Block with Barney
  21. Let's Play School
  22. Barney's Night Before Christmas
  23. and lots more!

Trivia Edit

  • Ashley and her sister Alissa did appear with Kathy,Carlos, Juan, and Kenneth in Season 3. They also appear with Emily in Season 5.
  • Ashley had appearances in the series while Alissa only appeared in the episodes.

Gallery Edit

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