A very nostalgic holiday by whitelionwarrior-d5mj9f5

An Cartoon All-Stars Holiday

Well Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are just to arrive! Here everyone from different universes have gathered together to celebrate to spirit of Christmas. Also an entry for the December Holidays Contest.

Characters by era:Edit

  • 1910's - Felix the Cat
  • 1940's - Tom & Jerry
  • 1950's - Pixie & Dixie
  • 1960's - Top Cat
  • 1970's - Doraemon
  • 1980's - Heathcliff & Sonja
  • 1990's - Rita & Runt
  • 2000's - Krypto, BatHound and Streaky

Happy Holidays until it's December!

All characters (c) to their rightful owners.