The Smell of Success is a Season 4 episode of Kids World's Adventures of Rugrats.

Plot Edit

After recovering from a terrible cold, Chuckie gains an extraordinary sense of smell. However, there are other less desirable side effects.

Chuckie's stuffy nose later saves the day when being pursued by a mean bully who had been terrorizing the Rugrats all day. Cornered by the bully, Chuckie unleashes a massive sneeze, sending the bully flying backwards. The bully gets his comeuppance in the end -- literally -- when he lands his rear end in a large ant pile. An army of ants crawls down the back of the bully's shorts, causing him to run off into the distance, hopping up and down as the ants bite his bum.

Quotes Edit

  • Angelica: Hey, what are you doing?! Let go of my Cynthia!
  • Tommy: Uh-oh! I think Angelica's in trouble.
  • Phil: Let's go see!
  • Bully: Gimme it, Pig-Tails!
  • Angelica: No, she's mine!
  • Lil: He's trying to take her dolly!

Gallery Edit

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