"Kids World's Adventures of Eat, Drink and Be Healthy!" is the fifth episode from Season 1 of Kids World's Adventures of Barney & Friends.

Plot Edit

Shawn plans to give Zippity his carrots, as he doesn't like them. Luci tells him that they are good for him, which leads to Barney, Ryan, Winnie The Pooh, Bobby, Malcolm, DJ, Emily Yeung, Littlefoot, Ash, Tai, the kids and the rest of the gang learning more about healthy foods and the four food groups. From a silly story about a boy only eating noodles to making Mish Mash Soup, the group has fun learning about the food that keeps our bodies fit. Barney introduces his friend James Turner, who sings about how farmers grow food and about a bird's "silly supper." As a final surprise, Barney decides to have an after school picnic, with all the different healthy foods. After Shawn tries a carrot left over from the picnic, he suddenly likes carrots.

Educational Theme: Nutrition and Keeping Healthy

Stories: The Noodle Boy

Song List Edit

  1. Barney Theme Song (Remix/Custom)
  2. Aiken Drum (season 3 and Barney's Good Day Good Night style)
  3. Mish Mash Soup (season 3 style)
  4. Apples and Bananas (season 3 style) (crossover)
  5. Peanut Butter (season 3 style) (crossover)
  6. The Milk Song
  7. Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow (season 1, 2, and 3 style) (Remix) (crossover)
  8. Silly Supper
  9. Snackin' on Healthy Food (season 3 - 11 style) (crossover)
  10. I Love You (Drum Cover) (Remix) (crossover)

Cast Edit

  • Barney
  • Baby Bop (cameo)
  • Ryan Mitchell
  • Winnie The Pooh
  • Bobby Brady
  • Michael
  • Shawn
  • Tina
  • Luci
  • Tosha
  • Min
  • Derek
  • Kathy
  • James Turner (Guest)
  • Emily Yeung
  • Daniel Cook
  • Brick
  • and lots more!

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first time a guest has appeared on Barney & Friends.
  • The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "Eat, drink, and be merry...".
  • Although Kathy doesn't appear in this episode, her teddy bear is seen in her cubby.
  • This is the first time Barney, Ryan, Winnie The Pooh, Bobby, Malcolm, DJ, Emily Yeung, Littlefoot, Ash, Tai, the kids and the rest of their gang sing the whole "I Love You" song together.
  • According to this episode, Tina's favorite food is macaroni and cheese, which (later in the series) was labeled as Baby Bop's favorite, Luci's favorite food is salad, Shawn's favorite food is birthday cake, Michael's favorite food is cold watermelon and Kids World's Adventures Team's favorite food.
  • This is the first time Barney is not seen coming to life.
  • Barney starts to sound a little less like the BYG videos since this episode except his deep to really high voice.

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