Amateur Nite is a Kids World's Adventures of The Brady Bunch episode in the 4th season.

Plot Edit

The plot is that Jan misunderstands the man at the department store about the price of a silver platter that she wants to buy for Carol and Mike on their anniversary. Now, she and her siblings have to come up with a way to get the money ($56). They audition for a local television show and get in. Carol, Mike and Alice discover them on T.V. They win third place on the show and come home and discover that Carol, Mike and Alice were watching it. Carol and Mike actually end up getting the silver platter from the man at the department store and they have a nice anniversary. The songs featured in this episode are "It's A Sunshine Day" and "Keep on Dancing."

Summary Edit

Ryan, Pooh, Alvin, Greg, Marcia, Dora, Kids Wornld's Adventures Team the characters and the kids want to buy Mike and Carol an engraved silver tray as their anniversary gift, but Jan goofs up on paying for the tray. To fix the mistake, Jan convinces her siblings to audition for an amateur talent show.Alfred Bailey's information that the price was $56.23, over-all total, was eighty-five (85) cents per letter and there was sixty-three (63) letters, altogether. Multiply, 85 times 63 cents equals $53.55. Then, add $2.68, back in 1972, the tax rate was 5 per cent exactly. Add $53.55 and $2.68, they total $56.23 exactly. Jan read it out verbally as 'Mom and Dad, Happy Anniversary, All Our Love, Ryan, Pooh, Alvin, Greg, Marcia, Dora, Kids Wornld's Adventures Team and the characters.' (the 3 letter word 'and' was not between Bobby's and Cindy's names. Jan said 'and' because she was reading the last two names of Bobby and Cindy, just for proper grammar.)

Gallery Edit

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